5 Best Spying Apps With Special Cell Phone Tracker Features

By Alexander Mereïn-Velkor

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What features do phone trackers have? They are different: some of the apps have amazing feature sets, some of them are pretty limited for simplicity. Here we will explore the most potent spying apps, with many functions, settings, and features, along with more simple apps. We’ll explore cell phone tracker features, why and when they can be helpful, and you will decide which app will be good specifically for you.

What is GPS Tracking?

It is a function of the application which enables you to see the real-time location of the target phone. It connects to the GPS module of the smartphone and retrieves information from it. Then, the application sends this information to its server, where you can access it.

GPS Tracking in Cell Phones

Cell phone tracker features are available only when the target device has a working GPS module. Also, it should have a stable internet connection: without it, your target phone won’t send any information to your server. Thus, if your target regularly disables the internet and GPS module, your spying possibilities will be limited.

Why GPS Tracking Apps Are Useful to Parents

Most of the tracking apps promote themselves as parental control apps. Even though one can use GPS tracking and other features for different purposes, parental control is the most obvious and legal purpose. Parents should know what is happening with their kids. 

Why do you need a cell phone tracker?

There are plenty of reasons why knowing something about somebody can be helpful to you.

  • To Track Your Kids

As mentioned, it is the most frequent destination of spying apps. Cell phone tracker features are good to use for advanced parental control.

If you can monitor what’s happening in your kid’s phone and regulate it by direct access to the phone, you can prevent potential dangers for them. Such features as surrounding listening and call recording will allow you to directly see or hear the potential risk and cope with it.

  • Locate Your Lost Cell Phone

You can spy on your own phone. It will be helpful if you have several phones: you’ll be able to know locations and actions on all your phones. In case of phone loss, it will track the phone’s site, and you’ll quickly find it. If you’re far away from your phone or someone else uses it, you’ll be able anyway to know everything that’s going on with your device.

  • Trace the Location of Your Employees

Knowledge about the location, and not only it, is essential in the case of your working phones and computers. It is better to know what’s going on in them. Your employees, while using them, may have different intentions. 

To prevent unethical behavior from your employees, tracking the devices they use at work will be a solution.

  • Track Your Family Members

…and all other cunning spying ideas which can come to your mind. How can I track my wife’s phone? How can I track my boyfriend’s phone?

Yes, spying apps are suitable for it. Remember, though, that it is dangerous. Not only will your relationships probably be broken if you are revealed. It can be interpreted as an intrusion into privacy, which is illegal. Be careful.

  • Protect Your Data

If you don’t want to spy at all, you can still use a spying app for your own phone. While tracking, it sends data to its secure server, and you can use it to protect your data from risks.

Cell phone Tracking Apps

Let’s see how different apps realize cell phone tracker features. 

Note that for the iOS device tracking, you must know the Apple credentials of the device. For the Android device, you must turn off the Google Play Protect in your Google settings and enable installation from unknown sources in the Security settings.

Rooting or jailbreaking are required for some spying features. Rooting for Android and jailbreaking for iOS are the methods of obtaining full access to the phone. You can read about them, for example, on the Spyera website: here for rooting and here for jailbreaking.

#1. Spyera

$389/year for a smartphone (iPhone or Android)

$279/year for a tablet (iPad or Android)

$199/year for a computer (Windows or Mac OS)

$479/year for one smartphone, one tablet, and one computer license all-inclusive

It is one of the most potent spying apps on this list. It can work on any platform: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. Its cell phone tracker features are impressive: you’ll find dozens of them. However, the app’s prices are impressive too: it is one of the most expensive apps on the market. It is worth every dollar, but you’d better buy it if you’re really in need of those fascinating features.

Spyera dashboard; the screenshot is taken from this Spydrill review of Spyera. You can see its list of features and how GPS tracking works with this app.


Note that not all features are available on all platforms. Check it in the feature list on the website: whether the necessary features will work on your platform.

You can quickly check all of Spyera’s features here.


It will record everything typed on your target and provide you with a list of the keystrokes. You’ll be able to access each phone’s application from your dashboard and see everything your target has written while using it.

Call Log

From the dashboard, you can access the call logs with the names and numbers of the contacts; you can also directly access the target’s contact list.

Call Recording

Spyera not only grants access to the call logs but enables you to record calls and listen to them after. You can even listen to calls in real-time.

GPS Features

The app has a GPS tracker that will enable you to know the precise location of your target and track the location history.

Message Tracking

You’ll be able to see the list of sent and received SMSs from your dashboard, along with the contacts’ names and phone numbers.

Social App Tracking

Spyera provides access to almost all social networks and messengers available. You’ll be able to track messages, calls, and all social information about your target.

You’ll see the web browser history and emails sent or received by the target device.

Camera Tracking

You’ll be able to see and hear what’s happening around the target phone directly, using the device’s camera and mic. You’ll be able to take photos, videos, and recordings remotely.


Spyera can take screenshots and direct screen video recordings from your dashboard.

Access Features

Spyera will show you the list of installed applications and their activity. You’ll also see the list of media files on the device and will be able to download them. The app will notify you in case of the SIM card change.


It is effortless: you only need to open the Spyera website from your target device’s browser after the purchase and log in there. You’ll find the download link for different device types. Download it and start the installation.

You can read more about it in the Spyera FAQ.

#2. Spyzie

$119.99/year for Android

$129.99/year for iOS

This app has fewer cell phone tracker features than Spyera and is a good option if you need cheaper but still effective spyware.

In the app dashboard, you’ll see the basic information about the phone and brief statistics. 


Note that some features are available only for the Android version and/or requires rooting.

Calls and SMS Logs

Spyzie provides access to call logs: you can easily find them in your dashboard, with phone numbers and contact names. Spyzie enables you direct real-time call listening: you can hear the call the moment your target performs it. You can accomplish all this even without rooting.

Similar to the call tracking, you can see SMS messages from your dashboard. In the case of the iPhone, you’ll also see the iMessages of the target phone.

Geolocation and Geofence

This app’s cell phone tracking features include GPS tracking: it enables you to see the target’s location and location history.You can perform precise location monitoring in Spyzie.

Spyzie enables geofencing: it means that you can choose which locations can be potentially dangerous and mark them on the map. When your target is on the market territory, you’ll be notified and will be able to act.

Social Apps Tracking

Spyzie provides access to popular social messengers. You’ll be able to read messages from Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger.

Media and Applicaitons Access

The app enables you to see the list of applications on the target phone. You can also see the phone’s media and will be able to download them.


First, sign in to your personal account. Here you’ll choose whether you want to track the Android or iOS device. You need to access the download link in the personal account and take the target phone for several minutes for the Android device. Type the download link address in the device’s browser bar and start the download.

For the iOS device, no direct access is necessary, but you should be sure that the 2-factor authentication is turned off and the iCloud synchronization is turned on. Then, choose the iOS installation and type in the iCloud credentials of your target when prompted. Choose the desired target device and start the installation. Adjust everything and start tracking.

#3. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch works on Android phones and is also available for personal computers, both Windows and Mac OS. It hasn’t many special cell phone tracker features, and it’s useful for work monitoring.


Hoverwatch’s dashboard and personal account. The PIN is used for accessing the installing application. The screenshot is taken from this article.

Basic Conversations

Hoverwatch provides access to the call log on Android phones: you’ll see the contact names and phone numbers. Call recording will also be available: you can listen to the call and download it. Similar to call logs, you’ll be able to see the messages log. 

Social App tracking

You’ll have access to the messages from popular social apps, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Location tracking

It can track the location of the device using its GPS module. But even if GPS is turned off, the app can track the phone’s location basing on the SIM card.


To install Hoverwatch, you should disable Google Play Protect, similar to other spyware. Before installation, read this article, or, if you want to install it on the Windows computer, this one. The installation on Windows is straightforward and well explained, so we’ll briefly describe only Android installation.

You need to log in to your Hoverwatch account from the target phone and download the .apk file on it.

#4. iKeyMonitor

Free version available


It is a powerful app with many special cell phone tracker features. iKeyMonitor has a free version with minimal options; it still provides GPS and message tracking. 

You can easily access the app’s dashboard from any device.

In that way, it is wise to choose iKeyMonitor to start: you won’t lose anything if you’ll just register and download it.


Location Tracker

Available in free version

GPS tracker enables tracking the precise location of your target, as well as its location history. You can also use the geofencing option: choose the places on the map, and iKeyMonitor will notify you if the target goes to those places.

Call Records

Available in free version

You’ll see contact names, phone numbers, timestamps, and calls’ durations in the call and SMS records. Contact list of your target, with words, phone numbers, and emails, will be visible too. All incoming and outgoing messages will be visible.

Access to Other Apps

Available in free version

You’ll have access to the calendar, reminders, and notes of your target, which will enable you to watch for the writings made by your target. They’ll be visible along with their timestamps.

Wi-Fi History

Available in free version

You’ll see the available and used networks in the free version of the iKeyMonitor. The list of available networks, both open and protected, can be accessed from your dashboard.

Social app monitoring

iKeyMonitor grants access to social networks and messengers. You’ll see not only incoming and outgoing messages but also a news feed, friends, and other social information about your target.

Browser History

iKeyMonitor will show the list of visited sites and search queries and send and receive emails from different email services.

Environment Listening

By providing direct access to the Android device’s mic and camera, iKeyMonitor enables you to listen to the surroundings and using the camera to take photos and videos.

Call Recording

If you’re spying on an Android device, you’ll have access to call records in your call logs. After that, you can download them on your device.

Direct Access To The Device

You can set daily limits for applications and block their usage, if necessary. In addition to that, you’ll have access to all media files on the device. You can also block the device completely, specifying the time during which it will be blocked.


We suggest reading this article before Android installation. 

After signing up, click the “Download Free” button. You’ll be prompted to log in, choose your device’s operating system, and then your download will start. You should download the .apk file on your target device. It will be installed quickly, but you should enable the installation from unknown sources on the target device.

Then, you should set the app and hide it if you need to. Then you’ll be prompted to set up the password. It will prevent the app from being deleted.

#5. Cocospy

$119.99/year for Android

$129.99/year for iOS

This app is designed for monitoring social apps and locations; it is best suited for parental control.

Cocospy’s dashboard is available from any device with Internet access.


Note that some cell phone tracker features are available only for Android and/or require rooting.

Call Logs

You’ll find the call logs in your dashboard. Cocospy also grants access to the contact list.SMS Logs</h4>

Similar to that, you’ll find the message log in your dashboard, with contacts’ names and phone numbers.

Geolocation Tracking

You’ll be able to see the precise location of the target and its location history. The geofencing function, which is already familiar to you, is available here too.

Social Apps

The app grants access to popular social messengers, and enables tracking messages.

Phone Access

Cocospy will show you the list of installed applications and the media on the target phone. You’ll be able to download those media.


After the registration and purchasing of Cocospy, you need to sign in on the website. In your personal account, you’ll find the download link; you should save it.

After accessing the target Android device, type the link in the device’s browser and start the download. Open the .apk file, and the installation of Cocospy will start automatically.

In the case of the iOS device, you need to access it only to ensure that 2-factor authentication is turned off and iCloud synchronization is working. You need to enter the iCloud credentials in your account and choose the desired device from those connected to iCloud. 


You see that those apps are designed for different purposes. 

  • Spyera and iKeyMonitor have advanced features, such as direct access to the camera and real-time call listening. If you need those features, you should use them. Note that Spyera is more functional and more expensive than iKeyMonitor.
  • Spyzie and Cocospy are basic apps with similar characteristics, and you’d better choose them if the message and GPS monitoring is enough to fulfill your needs.
  • Hoverwatch has basic spying features, but it monitors computers and is well-suited for watching several devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which cell phone tracking app is the best?
A: It depends on your purposes and how many cell phone tracker features are necessary to fulfill them. However, if talking about the price/functionality ratio, iKeyMonitor is probably the best option: it has many unique features and costs only $16.66/month, and has a free version.

Q: How geofencing works?
A: You create zones on the map where your target is not supposed to go. If the GPS tracker on the target phone detects that the target goes to those zones, it notifies you about it.

Q: How does direct call monitoring work?
A: It connects you with the device’s mic and speakers, enabling you to hear anything from them via your dashboard.

Q: How does camera tracking work?
A: It connects you with the device’s camera and translates the visual information from it directly to your personal account.

Q: Are there apps for PC tracking?

A: Yes, you can use some of them for Windows and Mac computers: they track the applications and browser usage on the computer. From our list, Hoverwatch can track Windows computers, and Spyera and Easemon can track both Mac and Windows.

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