iKeyMonitor Hidden Spy App Review

By Jessica Bolan

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iKeyMonitor App Review

Tens of new Android and iOS hidden spy apps for parents appear on the market every month, iKeyMonitor is one of the most famous. There are many iKeyMonitor reviews on web, with different information about its available features, cost and installation instructions. In this detailed iKeymonitor review we try to find the truth about this tracking app.

What is iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is one of the best parental control apps on the market that give you as parent wide range of tracking tools to make shure that your child is safe. The app allows you to monitor contact list, call history and text messages on target device from one convenient dashboard. Also you are able to track device location and all online activities like browser history, social media apps and all popular messengers.

How Does iKeymonitor Work

iKeymonitor app is designed for parental control and works like most of phone tracking apps on the market. You need just install iKeyMonitor app on targeted device (Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Macbook or any personal computer on Windows) and use its powerful monitoring tools.

It works well on all types of devices and popular operation systems. You dont need to worry about jailbreaking or rooting the target phone. iKeyMonitor app works perfectly on jailbroken and no jailbroken iOS phones and tablets same as rooted and no rooted Android devices.


Apple iOSCompatible with all jailbroken iOS devices and iOS 9.x – 14.x without jailbreak.
AndroidYou can track Android tphones and tablets from Android OS 2.3 (rooted and non-rooted).
Apple MacOSAvailable from MacOS 10.7 (X Lion).
Microsoft WindowsSupport Windows 7-10.

iKeyMonitor Features

The app offers huge number of features for remote control and monitoring of your child’s device, big part of them available in free version.

Location Tracker

Available in free version

GPS tracker enables tracking the precise location of your target, as well as its location history. You can also use the geofencing option: choose the places on the map, and iKeyMonitor app will notify you if the target goes to those places.

Call Records

Available in free version

With iKeymonitor mobile spy tools you’ll see contact names, phone numbers, timestamps, and calls’ durations in the call and SMS records. Contact list of your target, with words, phone numbers, and emails, will be visible too. All incoming and outgoing messages will be visible.

Access to Other Apps

Available in free version

You’ll have access to the calendar, reminders, and notes of your target, which will enable you to watch for the writings made by your target. They’ll be visible along with their timestamps.

Wi-Fi History

Available in free version

You’ll see the available and used networks in the free version of the iKeyMonitor app. The list of available networks, both open and protected, can be accessed from your dashboard.

Social app monitoring

iKeyMonitor app grants access to social networks and messengers. You’ll see not only incoming and outgoing messages but also a news feed, friends, and other social information about your target.

Browser History

iKeyMonitor hidden spy app will show the list of visited sites and search queries and send and receive emails from different email services.

Environment Listening

By providing direct access to the Android device’s mic and camera, iKeyMonitor enables you to listen to the surroundings and using the camera to take photos and videos.

Call Recording

If you’re spying on an Android device, you’ll have access to call records in your call logs. After that, you can download them on your device.

Direct Access To The Device

You can set daily limits for applications and block their usage, if necessary. In addition to that, you’ll have access to all media files on the device. You can also block the device completely, specifying the time during which it will be blocked.

How to Use iKeyMonitor

After signing up, click the “Download Free” button. You’ll be prompted to log in, choose your device’s operating system, and then your download will start. You should download the .apk file on your target device. It will be installed quickly, but you should enable the installation from unknown sources on the target device.

Then, you should set the app and hide it if you need to. Then you’ll be prompted to set up the password. It will prevent iKeyMonitor app from being deleted.

iKeyMonitor Price

Final iKeymonitor cost depends from your needs. The app available for mobile devices with basic features for free. If you need to use more tracking tools there are many paid addons that starts from $16.66 per month. Price for desktop version starts from $29.99 per month for one device.

Pros and Cons

Free version with no time limits.Don’t have app blocking feature.
iKeyMonitor Android spy app don’t require rooting.Browser history on Android can be seen only with rooting.
Tracking app for iPhone don’t require jailbreaking.
All data from tracked prone is synced fast.
Works on target device in hidden mode.

Final iKeyMonitor Review Verdict

It is a powerful app with many special cell phone tracker features. iKeyMonitor has a free version with basic monitoring options, it still provides GPS and message tracking. You can easily access the app’s dashboard from any device you need with iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel. In that way, it is wise to choose iKeyMonitor to start: you won’t lose anything if you’ll just register and download it.

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