SpyBubble App Review

By Jessica Bolan

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SpyBubble App Review and User Guide

Hundreds of new iOS and Android undetactable spy apps for couples appear on the market every year, SpyBubble Pro is one of the most popular nowdays. There are many SpyBubble reviews on Google, with different information about its monitoring features, pricing plans and installation process. In this detailed SpyBubble review we try to find the truth about this cell phone spy app.

What is SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble is a mobile application that ables you to monitor almost all activities on target devices. Its designed most for parental control, family tracking and employee monitoring. But most of all, the application became popular as tracking app for couples. Its tracking features are perfect fit to catch a cheating spouse.

This is another app, well-suitable for iPhone tracking as well as Android phones and tablets. It is perfect to monitor several devices simultaneously, providing an economical plan for monitoring five devices. Its range of features is limited compared to other apps: still, it includes all basic spying features.

How Does SpyBubble App Works

SpyBubble is a classic tracking app that offers various tools you can use to monitor your target’s online activities remotely. Once you install and activate the app on device you need to track, it runs in stealth mode and transmits all device’s activity to your online dashboard. You can easily get information about:

  • Contact list and call logs
  • Messages (including messengers)
  • Device location
  • App usage and web history
  • Video, audio and other media content


Operating SystemSupported Versions
Apple iOS supported devices.The app compatible with iOS 8 and above.
Android smartphones and tablets.Works with all devices from Android 4.0.


SpyBubble app provides wide range of features for remote monitoring:

  • GPS Tracking: You can see the location of your target. Open the dashboard, find the location tracker and start monitoring. SpyBubble will record the data from the target phone’s GPS and send it to your dashboard. Open the dashboard, find the location tracker and start monitoring.
  • Message Tracking: It will also provide you with the log of SMS messages, with phone numbers, dates, and other relevant information. You need to open your dashboard and find the corresponding “SMS” tab. You’ll see the list of messages, along with phone numbers and contact names, if the contacts are named.
  • Call Tracking: Similar to SMS tracking, the SpyBubble app will show you the list of calls made from the device. You’ll also be able to download the logs.
  • Social Apps: You can intercept messages from popular social networks and messengers, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You’ll see messages from your dashboard.
  • Internet: SpyBubble app for Android and iOS allows you to see the visited websites, showing the browser history and its bookmark manager on the target device.

How to install SpyBubble

Spybubble installation procedure is standard and similar to other popular phone tracking apps: you need to buy the spyware and register on the website. Then, you’ll obtain the Spybubble download link: download and install the app on your target iPhone or Android smartphone. According to the information on their website, you cannot install the SpyBubble app remotely: you need physical access to it.

Pricing plans

Spybubble app have subscription plans for different operating systems and tasks that allows you to select exactly what you need and do not overpay for unnecessary tracking tools. The SpyBubble app offers two type of subscription plans:

  • Basic: Available only with a monthly subscription. It costs $29.99 per month for both iPhones and Android devices. The number of features in this plan is limited. You can buy it to try the SpyBubble app and not pay full price.
  • Full: Available for 1, 3 and 12 months. Its include all tracking tools providing by SpyBubble. Full subscription on SpyBubble for iPhone will cost you from $12.49 (with 12 months subscription) to $49.99 (with one month subscription) per month. Same plan for Android phones and tablets will cost you from $14.99 (with 12 months subscription) to $59.99 (with one month subscription) per month.

Advice: If you decide to buy this spy app, the best option is Full plan for 3 months. You will pay $99.99 ($33.33 per month) for Android and $79.99 ($26.66 per month) for iPhone and get all tracking tools.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Well-suitable for multiple device monitoring.Basic plan available only with a month subscription.
A free 3-day trial is available.The app’s support, in general, is poor.
It can download the call recordings.

Final SpyBubble Review Verdict

SpyBubble is easy to use cross-platform spy app, available for iPhones and Android cell phones and tablets. That makes it great tool for monitoring your kids or partner. SpyBubble free trial and “Basic” subscription plan allowa you to try phone tracking software without big expences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SpyBubble Free Tracking App?

No, it is not free phone tracking software, it costs from $29.99 for basic subscription. But it has 3 days free trial, you can use this option to try its features. If you looking for completely free tracking app, check out our top of free tracking apps available on the market.

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