Spyera Phone Tracker Review

By Jessica Bolan

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Spyera Review

The new age of tracking software has come, with dozens of new phone trackers appearing on the market every year, and Spyera is one of them. There are many reviews on this app on the internet with different insights about its features and pricing. Let’s find the truth and learn more about this phone tracker. Learn all actual information for 2022 in this Spyera review.

What Is Spyera Phone Tracker?

Spyera is a tracking app for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices that provides cloud-based control and monitoring that you can use to track the online activities of your child or employees. The product allows you access to the content or activities on devices that you monitor.

Spyera Software Compatibility

The app is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices and is easy to integrate with each of them.

Android smartphones and tablets.Available for all iPhones and iPadsMicrosoft Windows 7Sierra and High Sierra
All Android versions, including v13iOS up to 14.X (including)Microsoft Windows 8.XEl Capitan
Some features require rootingRequires jailbreak before usingMicrosoft Windows 10Yosemite
Microsoft Windows 11Mavericks
Big Sur

How Does Spyera Work?

It functions like most tracking apps on the market, and its working principles are simple to understand. Long story short, it is based on keylogger technology. Just install Spyera software on the targeted device (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, PC, or any Android device) and use its powerful monitoring features.

The app provides remote updates and the possibility to restart, deactivate or uninstall the tracking app on the target gadget. Also, you can hide root and jailbreak status. All these features make the Spyera phone tracker one of the most undetectable programs.

Features of Spyera Phone Tracker

The app has a really impressive number of features relative to other tracking apps; here are some of them:

  • Call Tracking: The app allows you to monitor call logs, listen to calls in real time, and record them. Also, you can check the contact list on the target phone.
  • Messages Monitoring: With this phone tracker, you can monitor SMS, MMS, or text messages in all popular messenger apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Hike, and Skype.
  • Location Tracking: The app for Android and iOS allows you to track the GPS location of the target gadget in real time. With the geo-fencing feature, you may set a radius from 50m to 10km and get notifications if the device is in this zone.
  • Social Media Apps Monitoring: Like with other reliable social media trackers at the market, with Spyera, you are able to track all popular social media applications for iOS or Android, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, and WeChat.
  • Device Control: The application provides a wide range of device control features like screen recording, surroundings recording, remote camera control, SIM card change notifications, device battery status tracking, USB tracking, and on/off activity monitoring.

How to Use Spyera App

The Spyera installation process is fast and easy, and here are short step-by-step instructions for different devices:

  1. Visit the Spyera website and create a user account.
  2. Choose a subscription plan and make a purchase.
  3. Check your mailbox; you will receive a letter with login details.
  4. Login to your account and find the instruction in the “HELP” section.

How to Install Spyera App on iPhone or Android

  1. Access the gadget you need to track and type/paste the download link in the web browser. After that Spyera phone tracker downloading process will begin automatically.
  2. Follow the provided step-by-step user guide that you find in the “HELP” section and complete the installation on the device you need to track.
  3. When the installation completes, you need to activate your device in the system by entering your code. Once activation completes, you will be able to track the target device.

Note: To use all available features, it is necessary to root or jailbreak the gadget.

Spyera Price

Spyera app has pricing plans for different devices that allows you to choose exactly what you need and not overpay for unnecessary features. You may pay for every month, but it’s better to take an annual subscription:

  • $389/year for a smartphone (iPhone or Android).
  • $279/year for a tablet (iPad or Android).
  • $199/year for a computer (Windows or Mac OS).
  • $469/year for one smartphone, one tablet, and one computer license, all-inclusive.

Final Spera Review Verdict

It is one of the most potent spying apps available. It can work on any platform: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. Its cell phone tracker features are impressive: you’ll find dozens of them. However, the app’s prices are impressive, too: it is one of the most expensive products on the market. It is worth every dollar, but you’d better buy it if you’re really in need of those fascinating features since it some of them require device tampering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spyera really work without root and jailbreak?

Yes, the app will work without rooting on Android devices and jailbreaking on iPhones, but you need to remember that the number of features will be limited.

Is Spyera a legit phone tracker?

Yes, if you use this phone tracking app to monitor your kid’s device activities, then this is considered completely legit.

Does Spyera have a free trial?

No, Spyera free trial is not available now. You can check our list of best tracking apps with a free trial and choose one for your needs.

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