Spyic: What You Should Know

By Alexander Mereïn-Velkor

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Spying apps are widespread. If you’re interested, you’ve probably seen at least a couple of them. They are used for different purposes, both ethical and unethical. Ethical spying includes monitoring employees at work to protect your interests as a business owner. It also includes tracking children at school to protect them from external threats. For those cases and many others, your good choice will be the Spyic app.

In this Spyic review, you will see the basic description of its features and why they may be helpful for you. After that, we will explore them thoroughly and show how you can use them. Then, we’ll explore the installation processes for different operating systems.

What is Spyic

It is a general-purpose spy app designed for parental control and employee monitoring. It is simple yet powerful. You won’t find awesome features here, such as direct access to the camera and mic or real-time call listening. If you need serious espionage, you’d better search for something else.

But if you need a low-budget powerful spying app, monitor messages, track location and social apps and watch for what is happening on the target device, the Spyic review will be useful. For most cases, you need a keylogger, GPS tracker, and access to the phone’s media. Those three tools are enough to provide you with information about the phone. And Spyic has all those tools, and not only them.

Spyic has a lower price than other spying apps for similar purposes: from $119.99 to $129.99 per year for Android and iOS devices.

Along with that, it provides all the necessary features for target device monitoring. As you’ll see in this Spyic review, it is lightweight, easy to install, and easy to use.

Features of Spyic

The range of features that this app can provide to you is the basic set necessary to track the person you want. We described all of them in this Spyic review. 

spyic image1
Spyic Demo Dashboard

You see that it has a menu with features on the left side of the screen. On the Dashboard tab, you will see a summary of everything that is going on. Those are the most recent calls, locations, messages, and other activities. At the top of the dashboard, you’ll see the phone model and its brief characteristics.

To know more, explore the other functions by clicking on them in the menu, and see how they work. 

Stealth Mode

After installation, you can choose how Spyic will work: in visible or invisible mode. Because it is lightweight and straightforward, it drains almost no target device’s resources, and thus, it is hard to reveal. Stealth mode is the essential feature for each spying app.

Many other spying apps leave traces on the target device, though: they make it heat, overload its memory, and drain the battery. Spyic, due to its simplicity and lightweight, doesn’t have those disadvantages.

In some cases, perhaps, you’d like your target to know about the spying, such as creating more trustful relationships with her.

Call Tracker

Spyic grants access to the call log of the target phone. Go to the “Calls” option in your dashboard, and you’ll see them. Spyic enables tracking phone numbers from the contact list, calls’ durations, dates, and types.

In the dashboard, you’ll be able to see the call statistics: most often calls and their phone numbers

SMS Tracker

This app gains you access to the target phone’s text messages. To use it, you should choose the “Messages” tab in the dashboard. You’ll see the list of contacts with the most recent conversations. By selecting.” the contact, you’ll see the conversations with this contact.

spyicig2 ig
How the message tracking in Spyic looks like.

As in the case with calls, you’ll have access to the most often messages in your dashboard. You’ll see the phone numbers of the contacts with whom your target communicates most frequently.

Website Tracker

You’ll have full access to the browser history and will be able to see the most and the least visited sites. 

Location Tracker

Spyic provides a GPS tracker that connects to your target phone’s GPS module and translates its real-time location to your personal account.

Social App Tracking

Spyic provides access to all popular social networks. You can start monitoring by choosing the required app from the list under the “Social Apps” tab. In this Spyic review, we’ll show which apps you can watch.

Note that not all of them are available for iOS. Spyic has stopped providing the tracking functions for jailbroken iPhones, as they have pointed out on the website, due to “potential harm from the jailbreak for the device.” Thus, you cannot, for example, monitor the Facebook account on the target device. 

Compare the list of available social apps for Android and iOS versions: you see that Android phones are much more vulnerable to spying.

On the Android target, you can monitor all popular social apps. Those are:

  • Facebook and its Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Skype
  • Tumblr
  • Tinder
  • Kik
  • Telegram
  • Badoo
  • POF
  • WeChat
  • LINE
  • Viber
  • QQ

On the iOS target, though, only WhatsApp and LINE will be available for monitoring.

Access to the media

ou’ll have access to the media on the target phone. Choose “Video Preview” or “Photos” tabs, and you’ll see them. Spyic does not provide direct access to them, but you’ll be able to download them and make conclusions.

You’ll also see the calendar entities by choosing the “Calendar” tab.

Application Tracker

By choosing the “Applications” tab, you’ll see the list of applications installed on the target phone. Again, you won’t be able to delete or change applications, but if you need knowledge at first, this feature is what you need.

SIM Card tracker

If you choose the “SIM Card” tab, you’ll see that you can set up notifications about SIM-card changes. Just type your working e-mail, and you’ll receive them. You will also see all data about the phone’s SIM card, including its network and IMEI number. You can even track the phone’s location by using the SIM card.

Note that this function is available only for Android phones.


Spy apps use keyloggers to log everything typed on the target device. Spyic uses it to let you read the messages in the social apps. You’ll find the Keylogger tab in your dashboard menu: here, you’ll be able to read everything that was typed from any application. 

spyic keylogger
The keylogger in the Spyic demo dashboard

It will enable you to see the messages sent from the phone, search history in the browser, notes, and writings of your target. For example, as you can see on the screenshot, you can see what your target writes in the documents.

How to monitor with Spyic using 3 simple steps

As you can conclude from this Spyic review, a distinctive feature of the app is its ease. You need only several minutes to start monitoring after the purchase, in the case if you have your target phone in your hands. You should care about it before buying: take the time to access the target phone and install Spyic on it. 

steps to take on spyic
Three simple steps to start Spyic usage

Spyic installation

The installation process is the most important of those three steps, and our Spyic review will show you this process. Installation is different for Android and iOS operating systems.

Installing Spyic on the Android device

We encourage you to watch this video before installation and read the manual.

After the purchase, you have your target phone in your hands and you’re ready to start. You need to register or sign in to your account first.

Then, you have to prepare the target phone to be able to install the spyware on it. Go to Settings > Security and check “Enable unknown sources.” It can be slightly different on different Android devices, but it is similar. You can check what it looks like on your target device.

After that, go to Settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect and disable “Scan device for security threats.” By doing that, you’ll ensure that your target won’t delete your spyware from his phone due to its security options.

When it’s all done, you are ready for the actual installation of Spyic. Go to the Setup Wizard Page in your Spyic account, and you’ll find the installation link here. You should access this link via your target phone’s browser: you’ll see the prompt “Slide right to download”.

steps of intalling spyic
Actual Spyic installation steps. Simple enough.

After downloading the .apk file, start the installation. It will be installed quickly. You should agree with the Privacy Policy & EULA and accept all permissions before using it; then, sign in with your credentials. 

Spyic will be shown in the applications list as “System Service ”; its original name isn’t used for security reasons. You’ll go to the Accessibility, Usage data access, and Autostart management during the setting up and turn on the “System Service ” everywhere to ensure that Spyic will always be working. After that, you can choose whether to hide the app or not.

You can start monitoring right after that. Note that it usually takes 2-10 minutes when the first logs will appear in your dashboard.

Installing Spyic on the iOS device

Again, before planning the installation of Spyic to iPhone or iPad, it is better to read this manual. Note that the number of functions available for iOS devices is limited compared with Android.

You need no direct access with the iPhone for the installation itself, but you will probably need it before installation. To install and use Spyic successfully, two conditions should be met:

  1. Two-factor authentication should be disabled; in another case, the iPhone will block the installation
  2. You should enable iCloud backup to provide access from iCloud to the device

In addition, iCloud credentials are necessary for installation. If you don’t know them initially, you need physical contact anyway, just to find the credentials in the iPhone Settings. 

After registering and purchasing, sign in and start the Spyic Setup Wizard. Type all necessary information and provide iOS credentials to the wizard. After that, the installation will start. 

Benefits of using Spyic

At the end of our Spyic review, let’s see why the Spyic tracking app is one of the best options. Maybe you’ve found bad reviews on some sites. Or, you are unsure which app to choose for your purpose; at last, there is much spyware in the market. There are three reasons why Spyic may be the best option for you.

  1. Its price. It has a very democratic and affordable price of $119.99/year for an Android phone and $129.99/year for an iOS phone. It is lower than usual: a typical price for spyware is $150-300/year.
  2. Its simplicity. It is lightweight, easy to install, and hard to reveal because it efficiently uses the target phone’s resources.

Its easiness. App has a basic set of functions necessary for messages, application, location tracking, no more and no less. It is easy to use, requires no special knowledge, and is affordable for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you monitor the device’s mic and camera using Spyic?

A: No, you cannot. Spyic isn’t designed for such purposes. The app can be described as a basic spying app: cheap, simple, and lightweight. Spyic is the best choice for monitoring messages, geolocation, and social app activity, as concluded in our Spyic review.

If you need more advanced spying, you will probably be interested in apps such as uMobix or FlexiSPY.

Q: Why are there such high prices on Spyic’s pricing page?

A: Probably, it is the element of their marketing strategy. When someone shows you the price and says that it is a discount, you are more prone to buy it: it is psychology. They might use this strategy in their pricing.

You can visit this pricing page after ten days, or a month, as we did when we were writing this Spyic review. You’ll probably see that nothing has changed, and Spyic actual yearly costs are still in the range of $100, not $800-900. 

Q: Is Spyic really legal?

A: Spyware by itself is legal, but everything depends on your aims and intentions. If you want to break someone’s privacy, for example, track your partner using Spyic, you’ll break the law, and there can be legal consequences if your target goes to court.

If you aim to monitor your minor child, who uses the smartphone bought by you, you will have no problems. A similar situation is monitoring the employees who use your work phones. Or, maybe, you want to watch your own phone if you have several of them. Usage of Spyic is legal and appreciated in all those cases.

Read also the legal notes of Spyic to understand its license.

Q: Why it is said that Spyic is harder to reveal than other apps?

A: The reason is the simplicity and lightweight of Spyic. When it runs in the background, it uses a minimal fraction of resources. Thus, it leaves no traces of battery drainage or device overheating that your target may notice.

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