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Get The Best Tracking Apps on the Market

Don't Waste Your time And Money on Tracker Apps and Gadgets That Won't work!

Choosing the best tracking apps can be a difficult process. There are many companies that offer services, each with different features and prices. Here, you can find a list of leading apps being used today. They can easily be installed on a device and provide instant access to all phone activity.

Our Mission

We are a large team of dedicated researchers that have been comparing and testing tracking apps for the past 10 years. Here, we share our knowledge with you so you can find good tracking apps that will allow you to access real-time updates right from your PC!

We understand that you may need to track the location or activity of a cell phone. With our list of tracking apps, you can access reliable apps that can provide affordable plans. These apps for tracking people are used by parents, spouses, employers, and others. We have done a comprehensive review of the best tracking apps and provide you with the details needed to select the perfect app for your tracking needs. 

Alexander Mereïn-Velkor

Alexander has an extensive knowledge in reviewing tracking apps. He worked in many technology companies as a writer.

Jessica Bolan

Jassica has almost 8 years of experience in phone tracking, remote monitoring, and cybersecurity.

Our Reliable Tracking Apps Review Process

Our team of researchers and reviews takes time to test the top tracking apps on the market. We use a specific process for reviewing all apps so we can provide honest, reliable, and up-to-date details to users. Here are the things we look for when reviewing apps that can be downloaded on various devices:

We look to see what devices these apps can be used with. The best apps will be compatible with all Android and iOS devices and can easily be installed and used in minutes.

We make sure that all apps provide an extensive list of features which often include keylogging, internet browsing history, call monitoring, contact information, social media monitoring, GPS locations, access to photos, and text monitoring.

We also consider feedback from current customers. The apps we review have positive reviews from users, and many have remarked on their experience using these apps. We use these experiences to deliver an overall rating.

Customer service is important when you purchase any subscription. As part of our review, we test the support services of top companies and ensure that you will have access to friendly support team members that will respond quickly.

Internet reviews can sway opinions, so we compare many reviews posted online to get a complete understanding of user experiences. Online reviews can provide added details on features and how they are used. We include this information in our comprehensive app reviews.

What Are Tracking Apps?

Tracking apps are programs installed onto cell phone devices and used to monitor location and phone activity. Apps for tracking allow users to access a dashboard. Here, they can see the information collected from the target phone and view messages, calls, social media activity, and more. While some apps will require a download, getting started is safe, simple, and affordable. With a tracking app, you can always know where a user is or monitor your child, employee, or spouse when they are accessing the internet, social media platforms, calling, or texting.

How Do Tracking Apps Work?

Before you start using any apps for tracking, you will want to know how they work and what they actually do. We want to provide users with all the information needed to choose the best app and make use of all features included. A tracking app will be installed on a target device, collect phone data, and send to a secure server when that information can be accessed by the spyware account holder.

Track Any Phone Device with Modern Phone Trackers

Modern phone trackers can be used to track any device. Whether the user has an Android phone or an iOS device, these tracking apps can easily be used to monitor all activity performed. You can monitor incoming and outgoing calls, see text messages, review photos, get contact information, and more.

Use Location Trackers to Know Where Your Closest People Are

If you want to know the exact location of a cell phone user, an app for tracing can be used to pinpoint their GPS coordinates. These apps rely on GPS satellites to locate the device and will present you with the exact location on the dashboard. 

Learn More About Social Media Trackers to Protect Your Children

Children are often involved in social media activities. The internet can be a perfect place for predators to stalk, monitor, and even arrange meetings with children. With the best phone trackers, you can monitor social media activity and all communication to ensure that your child is always safe and protected. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for the best tracking apps, consider only those that meet our criteria. Our review team ensures that every recommended app meets strict criteria and has been tested for reliability. 

We have a collection of articles that provide you with details on the best apps for tracking cell phones. In these articles, you will learn about the cost of the app, the features included, and how they can securely and discreetly be used to track any device. 

Yes. There are some great free tracking apps that can be used. You can find information on free apps in our list of articles. We are always updating information to provide you with the best options for finding and using a free app for tracking any device.