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Why Choose Us

  • Our articles have no less than 80% uniqueness, even despite sometimes we need to write about similar topics when reviewing the same application.
  • We choose information carefully and strengthen it with authority references. Thus, you can be sure that our articles have real and reliable information.
  • Our articles contain easy-to-understand instructions on how to install and use applications that we review.
  • You will see the Frequently Asked Questions part in all our articles, where all questions related to the article’s topics are answered; those questions that we haven’t considered, you can ask in the comments.
  • We really love spyware! We read articles about it, analyze them, and in that way, we know more about it.

What makes us different

Our primary values are reliability of information and ease of understanding. All information presented in our articles can be easily checked: we provide references for each fact, claim, and picture in our articles. We write our articles in conversation style and you can be sure that you will understand everything that we want to share with you.


Our team

  • Our writer is a person who creates our content: he is responsible for maintaining the quality of our articles.
  • A tester is responsible for analyzing the apps and providing information about which of them is better.
  • An SEO specialist analyzes other articles and decides which keywords and structure should be used for each of our articles.