FlexiSPY Phone Tracker Review

By Jessica Bolan

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FlexiSPY App Review

People around you always can mess up, one way or another, they always find a way to do or get caught up in the wrong things. Nowadays there are many spyware for such cases, you can easily catch cheating spouse, employees that chillin during working time or truant child by tracking mobile devices online. FlexiSPY app is one of theese useful software.

There are many FlexiSPY reviews from customers and cyber security experts on web, with different information about its price, available features and installation instructions for different operating systems. In our detailed FlexiSPY review we try to find out what is FlexiSPY software: useful phone tracking app or just another internet scam.

What is FlexiSPY App

FlexiSPY app is a device monitor software for all Apple iOS devices, Android smartphones and tablets as well as Windows and MacOS supported personal computers. It’s most often used for parental control or employee monitoring, but with the wide range of tracking features that available with FlexiSPY app, you are able to use it for different needs. This app allows you to monitor almost all activity on target device:

  • calls and contacts
  • messages (SMS, MMS, messengers, e-mail)
  • browser history
  • social media activity
  • and more.

You can monitor all data from any device with online FlexiSPY dashboard, you need only internet conection.

How Does FlexiSPY Work

FlexiSPY app works like most of phone tracking apps on the market. To use its powerful monitoring features you need just install FlexiSPY app on target device. The app works well on all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. You dont need to jailbreak iPhone or root target Android device to use FlexiSPY phone tracker basic features.

Also FlexiSPY software works perfectly with Windows and MacOS supported personal computers, that makes it nice choice for employee monitoring.

Once app installation is complete you are able to monitor target smartphone, tablet or PC from any device remotely with online dashboard, it is possible by uploading the data from device that you track to FlexiSPY servers. The app works in stealth mode on target device, that allows you to monitor it secretly.


Works with all Android smartphones and tablets.Available for all iPhones and iPads.Microsoft Windows 7Apple macOS Mavericks
Compatible with all Android versions from 4 to 11.Works with all iOS versions from 6.0 to 14.xMicrosoft Windows 8 and 8.1Apple macOS Yosemite
Some features requires rooting.Some features requires jailbreaking.Microsoft Windows 10Apple macOS El Capitan
Microsoft Windows 11Apple macOS Sierra
Apple macOS High Sierra
Apple macOS Mojave
Apple macOS Catalina
Apple macOS Big Sur

FlexiSPY Features

FlexiSPY phone tracker offers huge number of features for remote monitoring:

  • Access to the target device: Control features are available to perform necessary actions with the target device. You’ll see the list of installed apps and can monitor their activity. You can influence it directly: deactivate apps, change them, delete them. All media on the device are also accessible. Also, you’ll see the status of the phone’s battery.
  • Messages & social networks: You’ll be able to see the messages sent and received from the target phone, with contact names, phone numbers, and other relevant information. In addition, you’ll see the messages from popular social messengers and social networks (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc). Note that some features require rooting or jailbreaking. In its full version, you can listen to the calls in real-time, record them and download them after that.
  • Location tracking: GPS tracker is included in the list of features too. It will show you the location of the target, as well as its location log. You’ll be able to monitor its movements in real-time. In addition, FlexiSPY app provides a geofencing option. It allows you to select some zone on the map as “dangerous,” and you’ll be notified each time your target reaches this zone. In that way, you can monitor the movements of your target.
  • Browser history: FlexiSPY phone tracker provides full access to the browser: from history to bookmarks. However, those options require rooting. You can monitor Wi-Fi networks too.
  • FlexiSPY Keylogger: With this option, app allows you to spy on all texts typed using the target cell phone, tablet or PC keyboard. Its significantly expands the tracking possibilities.
  • Environment listening: FlexiSpy mobile spyware provides direct access to the device’s mic and camera. You can use it to see and listen directly to what’s going on around the device. It has a unique function called Ambient Recording, enabling you to record the phone’s surroundings via its microphone and access recordings in your dashboard. You also can make photos and record videos via the target device’s camera.

How to Use FlexiSPY

To use the FlexiSPY phone tracker you don’t need to do anything special, once FlexiSPY spy phone software is installed on the target device you are ready to use its monitoring features remotely by using online dashboard, you need only to login into your personal account.

How to Install FlexiSPY on iPhone or Android

FlexiSPY installation process is fast and easy, to install FlexiSPY on target phone just follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Website: Go to flexispy.com website and register your personal account.
  2. Buy Subscription: Click on “Buy Now”, at pricing page you need to choose the type of device that you need to track, subscription plan with needed features and license duration. Make purchase with suitable payment method.
  3. Install Flexispy mobile app: Access the device that you need to track and login to your account by any browser. In activation help area select the operating system of rargeted device. After that you will see the detailed installation guide for your type of device, just follow these steps to finish the process.

Also, you are able to use installation service and support specialists will install the app instead of you.

How to Install the App on PC or Mac

To install the app on Windows or MacOS supported PC device must meet these requirements:

  • Physically access.
  • Administrative access (username & password).
  • Stable internet conection (for real-time tracking).
  • Must have minimum 8GB RAM (for Windows).

If all requirements are met, Access the device that you need to track and go to flexispy.com from any browser. Login to personal account and find activation help page, choose operating system of target PC and follow the steps from installation guide.

Express Installation Service

If you have no time to read instructions for all operating systems and types of device, you are able to use unique service. FlexiSPY app provides “Express Instalation Service” for aditional price. You need only choose this option when you buy subscription and specialists can remotely prepare your device (root, jailbreak, etc) and install the app.

FlexiSPY Price: How Much Does FlexiSPY Cost

FlexiSPY app have subscription plans for different types of devices, that allows you to choose exactly what you need and do not overpay for unnecessary features. You can buy FlexiSPY app licence for one month, but its better to take annual subscription.

You can try FlexiSPY for iPhone or Android smartphones and tablets in lite version only for $29.95, but the number of available features this plan is limited. If you need full package of features it is better to take premium subscription that starts from $79 per month. If you nee to use FlexiSPY phone tracker for a long time its better to take 1 year subscription for $179, it is little costly, but month price will be $15.

Also, you are able to buy “FlexiSPY Extreme” and get full control on target device, include environment recording, call recording and interception. This plan will cost you $119 for one month or $419 for year ($35 per month).

The app have only one plan for Apple iPads that equals “FlexiSPY Premium” plan for Android and iOS smartphones it its features and price. iPad version will cost you $79 for one month or $179 for one year subscription ($15 per month). The same situation with Windows PCs and Macs, there are only one pricing plan that include all basic features.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Impressive range of available features.The app is costly.
It has a very informative website and responsive support.Some features require rooting or jailbreaking.
Cross-platform: versions for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac are available.

Final FlexiSPY Review Verdict

FlexiSPY phone tracker is a powerful cross-platform app, available not only for smartphones but for PCs too. That makes it great tool for employee monitoring or family members tracking. At the same time FlexiSPY app is litle costly, if you need to track only one cell phone its better to find another app in our rating.

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