Spyzie App Review

By Jessica Bolan

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Spyzie App Review

Every year more and more parents start using mobile tracker apps to care about their kid’s safety online. Spyzie is one of them; there are many app reviews from customers and experts on the web, with different information about its cost, lucrative features, and installation instructions for different OS. In our detailed Spyzie review, we will provide the most actual information about this popular mobile tracker.

What Is Spyzie App?

Spyzie is one of the most popular mobile trackers on the market. It is designed mainly for parental control, but its features allow you to track every family member or monitor employees’ online activity. The app offers a wide range of monitoring tools that allow you:

  • monitor calls and contacts
  • read text messages
  • track device location
  • control apps on the target phone
  • monitor browser activity, and more


Android phones and tabletsCompatible with all devices from Android 4.0
Apple iOS devicesSpyzie for iPhone works with iOS 8 and above

How Does Spyzie Work?

The software works like most parental cell phone tracking applications that you can find at our rating. To use its powerful tracking features, you need to install the software on the needed device. It is suitable for all iOS and Android devices. You don’t need to jailbreak or root the gadget to use Spyzie’s basic features pack.

Once installation is complete, you are able to track the target smartphone from any device remotely from the online dashboard; you need only an internet connection. The app operates in hidden mode on the target device, which allows you to monitor it secretly.

Available Features

This tracking app offers a huge number of features for remote monitoring your kid’s online activity. Note that some features are available only with Spyzie for Android.

Calls and SMS Logs

Spyzie app provides access to call logs: you may easily find them in your dashboard, with phone numbers and contact names. It is possible to accomplish all this even without rooting. Similar to call tracking, you are able to read SMS messages from your dashboard. In the case of the iPhone tracking, you’ll also see iMessages of the target phone.

Geolocation and Geofence

This app’s cell phone tracking features include GPS tracking, which enables you to see the target’s location and location history. You may perform precise location monitoring from the user dashboard.

Spyzie monitoring application enables geofencing: it means that you choose which locations can be potentially dangerous and mark them on the map. When your target is on the marked territory, you’ll be notified and will be able to act.

Social Apps Tracking

The Spyzie solution provides access to popular social messengers. You’ll be able to read messages from Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

Media and Applications Access

This monitoring product enables you to see the list of applications on the target phone. You will also see the phone’s media and may download them.

How to Install Spyzie on Android

First, sign in to your personal account. Here you’ll choose whether you want to track the Android or iOS device. You need to access the download link in the personal account and take the target phone for several minutes for the Android device. Type the download link address in the device’s browser bar and start the download.

How to Install Spyzie on iPhone

For the iOS device, no direct access is necessary, but you need to be sure that the 2-factor authentication is turned off and the iCloud synchronization is turned on. Then, choose the iOS installation and type in the iCloud credentials of your target when prompted. Choose the desired target device and start the installation. Adjust everything and start tracking.

Spyzie Price

The app has subscription plans for different devices that allow you to choose exactly what you looking for. The final price depends on your needs: operating system, number of devices, available features, and duration of use. Spyzie for Android premium will cost you $9.99 per month with one year license. In the case of Spyzie for iPhone premium, you will pay $10.83 per month with one year license.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Easy installation process.A smaller number of features for iOS.
The app works in stealth mode.No Windows or macOS versions.
Accurate location tracking.Live support is unavailable.
It doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking.

Final Spyzie Review Verdict

Spyzie monitoring app is a powerful software with many special mobile phone tracking features that make parental control fast and easy, but it does not support personal computers. If you are looking for a tracking solution for employee monitoring, you might consider another option.

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