Aispyer App Review: How Does It Work?

By Cheryl Bourassa

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Aispyer App Review: How Does It Work?

Are you looking for a reliable way to track phone calls on a target device? People have various reasons why they would want to track a cell phone. Parents want to make sure their children are safe and only access age-appropriate content. On the other hand, employers may want to know what their employees are doing. Unscrupulous subordinates may share company secrets with competitors for personal gains. Aispyer tracker helps users view the target device’s activities in detail. 

What Is Aispyer?

Aispyer is a mobile tracking device that is marketed as parental control software. Parents can use it to monitor the activities and whereabouts of their children. While vendors market it as a parental control tool, the app can do much more. For example, employers can use it to monitor the activities of their employees discreetly. Aispyer supports the GPS location, SMS, contact list, browsing history, and social media activity monitoring. 

Using this app, you can easily tell whom your child talks to, what they share, and how often they use their devices. Moreover, you can spy on all common social media and messaging apps, including Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Wechat. 


Most spy and parental control apps in the market are only compatible with iOS and Android devices. They are not available for other devices such as Windows-supported personal computers. However, Aispyer is available for different devices supported by various operating systems. 

The product is available on Android 4.0+ devices, all iOS-supported devices, and Customized Android. Aispyer is supported by leading smartphone brands such as Nokia, Redmi, Google Pixel, Huawei, and Samsung. The vendor also provides monitoring apps for Mac-supported and Windows computers. This means that you can also monitor the activities of your child if they are using a personal computer for personal or school work. 

How Aispyer App Works

As indicated earlier, the Aispyer app is a phone-tracking app that helps parents monitor what their children are doing at a particular time. You may also use it to monitor employees if you have the tendency to check what they do online to establish efficient utilization of company resources, including time. While most spy apps work only on iOS and Android devices, Aispyer is available on several other gadgets. The vendor offers Aispyer for monitoring Windows PCs and Mac computers. Therefore, if your child uses other devices, apart from smartphones, for their personal or schoolwork, Aispyer will help you know if they are using the device appropriately. 

You will be required to begin by signing up for a free account. You will then download an Aispyer APK, which you will use to install the app on your target device. Once installed, start monitoring what happens in the device you are monitoring. You will be able to monitor your child’s location and online activities to make sure they are completely safe and there is no risk of social media addiction. 

Moreover, Aispyer functions discretely. After installation, the app is hidden, operating from the background. As such, you will be able to monitor the target device without the other party realizing it. 

Aispyer Features

Following are the top features of the Aispyer spy app:

Phone Number Tracker and Locator

The Aispyer app allows users to view and monitor call logs and contact information, including call time, duration, and time. You will be able to monitor outgoing and incoming calls. Generally, the device ensures that you monitor all the call activities of the targeted device. 

SMS Tracker

In addition to call tracking, you will be able to track SMS. While testing the device, we were able to track text messages and their details. It was possible to tell the sent and received text messages as well as iMessages on iPhone. If there are media attachments, you will also be able to view them. 

Web History Tracking

While the internet has brought about significant benefits, it could also pose a danger to children. The internet is full of unfiltered content, making it imperative to know what your children are doing while online. The Aispyer app allows you to view the target device’s bookmarks, browsing history, and visited URLs alongside the date when they visited them. This gives the user a complete insight into what the target individual does online. 

GPS Tracker

Aispyer spy app allows users to track the target device’s location using the phone number. With this app, you will be able to track the target’s precise location. What is more, you can see their location history, including the time and date of visited locations. This feature will not only help you know where the target individual is but also locate the target device in case it is misplaced or lost. 

WhatsApp and Facebook Spy

We were also able to monitor the most commonly used apps: WhatsApp and Facebook. We were able to spy on WhatsApp and Facebook messages, group chats, and messenger histories, including the time and date of all received and sent messages. As a parent, you can track inappropriate activities on these apps and take the best course of action.

Contact Tracker

With Aispyer, you can track all contacts in the target device’s contacts list. You will be able to view names, phone numbers, email addresses, and profile pictures associated with the contacts. Interestingly, we were also able to view even deleted contacts. This means that the app reveals all the information the user needs.

Keylogger Tracker

Aispyer allows you to see any typed number, character, or alphabet by the target device’s user. With the feature, we are also able to track all types of pasted material on the clipboard. This includes passwords, meaning that you can easily retrieve passwords to different accounts using this feature.

Snapchat and Instagram Tracker

Aispyer monitors the target device’s activities on social media platforms, including Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat Aispyer tracker is particularly important because most teens spend their time here.

How to Use the Aispyer App for an Android Phone: Aispyer APK

  1. Begin by creating a user account at Aispyer login page. Tap on “register” and enter your preferred username, email, and password. Then click on the “Register” option. These will be your Aispyer login credentials.
  2. Access the target device and prepare it for installation.
    • Go to “settings” and look for security settings.
    • Look for “Google Play Protect” and turn it off.
  3. Download Aispyer app and install it.
    • Open a browser on the target device and paste the URL to download the app. Alternatively, click on the Aispyer APK icon to download the app. You will also find the Aispyer download link on the vendor’s website.
    • Follow the provided instructions to install the app step by step as shown below:
  4. Open the app to bind licenses and set permissions.
  5. Begin monitoring the target device from your account on your device. Simply go to the vendor’s website and use your Aispyer login details to access your account.

Aispyer Price

One thing that we noted is that the Aispyer app comes in different packages depending on some factors, such as the type of device you want to monitor and the features you need. The best part of this is that you can pay a very small amount of money ($0.49) to get a trial version before purchasing. Generally, Aispyer price is reasonable compared to alternatives with the same capabilities.

Once you decide that you want the app, choose from the available options one that meets your needs, including the number of features you want, the type of device you target, and of course, your budget. Prices range widely from as low as $3.99 to as high as $369.99. 

Customer support

The vendor has great customer service! The staffs are very supportive and answer promptly. On their page, they indicate that they respond within 24 to 48 working hours, but when we contacted them, they responded within 2 hours. However, you can only contact them through email, but they are effective. What is more, you may find answers to your concerns on their support center page. Here, they have answered several frequently asked questions.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Through our Aispyer review, we established the following pros and cons:

Secure – the app has 3 data protection methods (you can cease monitoring any time, you can resume later, or you can delete data completely).The Aispyer app does not have a free trial app – you will pay $0.49 to try it.
You can easily track deleted history.
The installation and usage processes are simple, and installation can be completed within a minute.
Undetectable – once installed, Aispyer is hidden automatically. You can monitor the target device without the owner’s knowledge.
Power saving – Aispyer employs robust technology, which curbs the power consumption of the target device. This is important because it makes the monitoring process undetectable. 

Final Verdict

Aispyer App is among the best tracking apps that help you monitor your target device without permission. This app works discreetly and uses power economically to allow you to monitor the device without the owner suspecting it. You are able to access, track and monitor all activities on the target device easily, including location, keyloggers, social media activities, calls, and SMS. Generally, the app is a boon for employers and parents who want to know what their employees and children are doing. We recommend this app because it is safe and reliable.  

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