What Are the Best Tracking Apps for Android?

By Alexander Mereïn-Velkor

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Best Tracking App for Android: What Is It?

Android is the most popular operating system in the world (72.11%) and the second in the United States (43.02%), according to 2022 statistics. Every year people increasingly use this OS, and demand for tracking apps compatible with Android grows too.

There are many articles about tracking apps for Android and how to use them with different information and instructions. Let’s try to find out what hidden Android tracking apps are, how they work, and how to find the best Android tracking app for your needs.

Have no time to read details about each Android tracking app? Here is the summary:

  1. uMobix is a general-purpose tracking app with the most tracking tools available and at a well-balanced price. 
  2. FlexiSPY presents itself as the professional spying app, being the most expensive from the list, but the number of features is higher than those of uMobix. 
  3. mSpy is mainly designed for messages and location tracking; its price and number of features are lower than those of uMobix and FlexiSPY. 
  4. FamiSafe presents itself as a parental control app only without even accentuating that it is a spying app; its features are limited, and it is much cheaper than any other app on the list.

Best Tracking Apps for Android in 2022

There are many phone tracking apps in the market, but we compiled a list of the best tracking apps for Android devices. Let’s check their details:

1. uMobix – Best Tracking App for Android Devices

uMobix app will be helpful in many situations: it is universal and has a very reasonable price.

The uMobix demo dashboard

Available Features

uMobix provides a set of features standard for a surveillance app; in this way, it is one of the best Android tracking apps. One of its advantages is that almost all features do not require rooting.

This tracking app for Android provides full access to the target phone. You can hide it after installation, so the person of interest won’t know anything. You will see the list of installed applications on your dashboard, and you’ll be able to restrict or even delete them. If you restrict the application, the phone holder will not be able to use it for more time than you’ve specified.

  • Access to the Target Device: You are able to restrict calls from your app’s dashboard: all contacts on the target phone will be visible. It’s also possible to block websites that you’ve considered inappropriate and block Wi-Fi access or even the device itself. In addition, you’ll see all videos and photos on the device.
  • Messages & Social Networks Tracking: App’s keylogger enables tracking of all messages written in all applications, and they’ll be displayed on your dashboard. You can even access deleted messages. uMobix can monitor the most popular messengers and social networks in Android phones providing full access to them. You’ll be able to check if the person you are following is currently online. uMobix also provides access to call logs for both phone and app calls.
  • Location tracking: The app provides a tool to track a location with an Android device. You’ll also see the location history with the time when your target visited each place. uMobix has a unique geofinder feature that enables you to spot your target via SMS using only a phone number.
  • Browser History: The app provides full access to the browser history and can block sites for you. You may view the total time of browser usage via your dashboard too. 
  • Environment Listening: With uMobix, you reach the mic and camera of your target through your dashboard. You can see and listen directly to the surroundings of the targeted device. Also, you are able to take snapshots from the target phone’s camera.

Installation Process

Set up this secret Android spy app with four simple steps:

  1. Registration: Visit the Android tracking app website and register your account.
  2. Purchase: Go to the pricing page using the “Try Now” button. Compare subscription plans and choose the one that suits you better. Make payment with the preferred system.
  3. Install Android tracking app: After the purchase, you’ll obtain the link looking like “app4.space/(a string of numbers).” It is the download link for your target device. The download and installation will start automatically, but ensure that third-party applications are enabled in settings.
  4. Complete Setup Wizard: After that, you should agree with the conditions, turn on the User Account settings and tap Install Automatically.

If you still have questions about installing process, you may watch this video with more detailed instructions:


uMobix tracking app for Android costs $149.88/year. The full pack for 1 month is available for $49.99. It is a median price for a spying app but still affordable. Consider uMobix if you need an excellent pricing/quality ratio.

2. FlexiSPY – Hidden Android Tracking App with a Wide Range of Features

It is a powerful Android tracking app, despite being expensive: it provides a wide range of features along with unique ones.

The FlexiSPY demo dashboard

Available Features

FlexiSPY tracking app for Android claims to have more than 150 features; although it’s a kind of boasting, its set of tools is astonishing, and it is one of the best Android tracking apps.

  • Access to the Target Device: This tracking app for Android provides a complete set of control features for managing the target device. Using the dashboard, you are able to access the list of installed applications and their activity. It’s possible to deactivate them; to delete them, you need the device to be rooted. You can easily access the phone’s battery status. You’ll be able to restart the device remotely if it is rooted. All media on the phone will be accessible too.
  • Messages & Social Networks Tracking: App’s keylogger logs everything typed in any application, including SMSs, and shows the recordings in your dashboard. FlexiSPY enables monitoring of all popular social networks and messengers, but some of them require rooting, for example, Telegram and WeChat. It provides access to the call logs as well. In its full version, it enables direct call monitoring and recording in real-time. All recordings will be available in the dashboard. Some of the app’s unique features are spoof SMS and SpyCall. Spoof SMS is available only on rooted target devices and enables you to send SMS from the target device, invisible from that device (FlexiSPY will delete it right after sending). SpyCall will perform a hidden call on the target device that will enable you to listen to the device’s environment directly.
  • Location Tracking: The app provides a tool to track the GPS location of the target phone. It gives a geofencing option: you define the territories which you consider safe, and FlexiSPY will alert you if the target phone is out of them. 
  • Browser History: FlexiSPY can provide full access to the browser history and activity, but it requires rooting. It can also track Wi-Fi networks.
  • Environment Listening: FlexiSPY provides direct access to the device’s mic and camera. You are able to use it to see and listen directly to what’s going on around the device. It has a unique function called Ambient Recording, enabling you to record the phone’s surroundings via its microphone and access recordings in your dashboard. The app can also take photos and record videos via the target device’s camera.

Probably, it’s the best Android tracking app judging by the number of features.

Installation Process

Before installation, you should check the limitation for Android devices. Some features, such as SpyCall, won’t be available for older operating systems.

After purchasing, you’ll obtain the credentials to log in to your dashboard. Note that there are two variants for Android: rooted and unrooted. After that, you’ll see a detailed guide on how to install FlexiSPY. If something is unclear, just contact support: they’ll respond in several minutes.

FlexiSPY provides a pre-installed phone delivery.


The price of FlexiSPY is high: it is one of the most expensive spyware available.

You’ll need $419/year for all features available. You can buy a limited version for $179/year, but in general, FlexiSPY is a good option if you need ultimate spyware for serious spying.

3. mSpy – Cell Phone Tracking App for Android

mSpy is a helpful spying app for general purposes, despite being designed primarily for parental control.

The mSpy demo dashboard

Available Features

mSpy tracking app for Android has a basic set of features; it doesn’t enable tracking mic and camera directly, despite being one of the best Android tracking apps. 

  • Access to the Target Device: You may see the list of installed applications and remove them if necessary. You’ll have access to all of them, including calendar entities. You may also see the media on the device. All those functions are available in your mSpy dashboard. You’ll also see all incoming and outgoing calls made on the gadget, their time, and duration. 
  • Messages & Social Networks Tracking: mSpy enables you to track all popular messenger apps and social networks, as well as SMSs and emails. However, for almost all messenger apps, you’ll need to root the target device if it isn’t tampered with yet.
  • Location Tracking: mSpy provides a tool to track the GPS location of the target phone. Location history is available too. The geofencing option will notify you if your target is out of the safe zones you’ve defined. 
  • Browser History: You’ll see a complete log of the browser’s history and bookmarks in your dashboard. mSpy can block a website of your choice.

Installation Process

Before you install this tracking app on Android, you should disable Play Protect in the Play Store settings. After purchasing mSpy on the website, you’ll obtain a download link to your email. You should access your email on the target phone and open this link. It will download and start the installation automatically. To install it, you should allow all permissions and enter the code you’ve received after the purchase.


mSpy costs $140.04/year. Its price range is middle, but its features lag behind comparatively. Consider mSpy if you mostly need to track messages.

4. FamiSafe – Android Tracking App for Parents

FamiSafe is a cross-platform and very easy-to-use Android tracking app for parental control with many tools for tracking your children’s Android devices. 

Available Features

This hidden tracking app for Android provides a small basic set of features necessary for parental control: it is probably the best Android tracking app for this purpose.

  • Access to the Target Device: FamiSafe enables seeing all installed apps and the number of times a person uses each of them. Also, you are able to set limits on usage or block an app completely to forbid its usage.
  • Messages & Social Networks Tracking: FamiSafe tracks popular social media and enables reading messages. You may also set alerts and be notified if there is explicit content in them. 
  • Location Tracking: Track the exact GPS location of your target with all surroundings. The geofencing option is available, too: you’ll be notified if your target is out of the safe zone that you’ve specified.
  • Browser History: It enables you to see browser history and block sites that you consider inappropriate. Users can also set up alerts to notify them if their target accesses something wrong, such as porn or other explicit content.

Installation Process

There are 4 ways to install this tracking app on Android, and all of them are very simple. Note that you may install FamiSafe on your device, despite the option of monitoring via browser, as is the case with other mentioned apps.

  1. Type https://i.famisafe.com on the target device and proceed to the app.
  2. Find FamiSafe JR in the Play Store.
  3. Scan the QR code on the download page.
  4. Enter your email on that page and get a download link.


It costs only $60.99/year or $20.99/quarter and enables tracking up to 10 devices, thus being the cheapest option from the four apps specified here. While its functions are limited compared to other apps, it is perfect if you need nothing more than simple parental control.


Your situation, undoubtedly, requires the best Android tracking app. You see that all four apps have different sets of features and corresponding prices. All of them are fine in their own way. Why do you need a spying app? By answering this question, you will know the best tracking option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Android tracking app?

uMobix is an excellent balanced choice. FlexiSPY is the ultimate solution with a large set of features. mSpy is suitable for messengers and location tracking. FamiSafe is the best for parental control but not for something else.

How do those apps work?

They use screenshots and/or a keylogger to log messages and gather information from different apps on the phone. Then, they send data to the web server, where you access it in your dashboard.

How to indicate spyware on my phone?

There are clear signs of spyware on your computer. Those are device overheating, battery drainage, unusual notifications, and changes on the device. You may read more on the Kaspersky website, for example.

Is it legal to use tracking apps for Android?

Android tracking apps, just by themselves, are legal. But they remain legal as soon as you’re not using them for illegal purposes. Intrusion into someone’s privacy is illegal in any case.

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