Iphone Tracking: Best Apps To Track An Iphone

By Alexander Mereïn-Velkor

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Best iPhone Tracking Apps

Tracking apps are highly used among smartphone users. People are turning to them to ensure their children are safe, follow a spouse suspected of cheating, or monitor an employee’s work time activities. 

The number of available tracking apps is increasing, as is their efficiency in providing information about a target device. 

Take a look at the best iPhone tracking apps available and decide which one is best for you.

What Are iPhone Tracking Apps? 

iPhone tracking apps are iOS or Android software installed on target cell phones, enabling the monitoring of its user’s location and online activities. Legally, users of the apps need the owner’s consent to install a track device on a target iPhone. However, it’s possible to upload and hide tracking apps for iPhone on a target device without the owner ever knowing.

Cell phone apps for tracking people are generally able to monitor the following activities as standard.

  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Location
  • Contacts
  • Messaging services
  • Internet use

Often there is a tiered service that offers additional functions for an additional cost.

How Do Hidden Tracking Apps for iPhone Work? 

Apps for tracking mobile phones work by collecting information from the target device and transferring it via the internet to a private dashboard where it can be securely accessed online.

iPhone provides its own iOS-compatible tracking services as part of your iPhone contract. 

Some apps, such as Find My Device and FamiSafe, can be downloaded from the Apple store and are free to set up and use. 

Remember, location services must be turned on to track a target device’s location, or it won’t work.

Hidden iPhone tracking apps can be removed from the phone’s home screen by transferring them to the iPhone’s app library, disguising them in a folder, disabling their notifications, or removing them from Siri’s suggestions. 

Unlike on Android, you cannot completely hide an app on an Apple device.

5 Best Apps for Tracking iPhone: Find the Right One for You

Apart from the spyware available exclusively for Apple devices, many phone tracking app tools developed by third-party companies are compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

We have compiled a list of the best iPhone apps for phone tracking for comparison.

uMobix: Best iPhone Tracking App  

uMobix is one of the better-known tracking apps for iPhone and Android devices. It offers all the features you expect from an advanced cell phone monitoring app.

  • Monitors incoming and outgoing telephone calls, SMS, social messaging apps, etc.
  • Tracks contacts and enables remote blocking of people from the list.
  • Checks internet browsing history, searches, and favorite sites. The keylogger feature enables you to follow incognito search history by recording pressed keystrokes.
  • Real-time video and audio recordings that are date and time-stamped.
  • GPS location tracking to track your target’s journey and real-time location. 
  • Tiered price plan: 
    • 1-month contract/$49.99 
    • 3-month contract/$29.99 per month, 
    • 12-month contract/$12.49 per month

As a secret tracking app for iPhone, uMobix offers excellent tracking features and great value for money.

Real-time information about your target’s location and activities by remote activation of their phone’s camera, video, and audio.All deleted messages, calls, and contacts are retrievable.
All deleted messages, calls, and contacts are retrievable.

Spyic: Hidden Tracking App for iPhone  

Spyic is an advanced cell phone tracking app that offers comprehensive monitoring features for a reasonable price.

  • Calls, SMS, and social app chats, including deleted ones.
  • Activity on popular social media accounts.
  • Complete access to the target device’s address book. Download a contact’s details directly to your own phone.
  • Unrestricted access to your target’s website browsing history, including timestamps, bookmarks, and frequency of visits.
  • Track GPS location and set geofence alerts.
  • Tiered price plan: 
    • $49.99 per 1 month 
    • $29.99 per month if purchased for 3 months 
    • $12.49 per month if purchased for a year                          

Spyic is the perfect choice for concerned parents and spouses.

Set a virtual boundary with the geofencing feature and receive alerts if it’s crossed1 subscription – 1 device being tracked. However, you can unlink and link again as many devices as you wish.
Allows to control Instagram and Facebook on iOS as your own

iCloud – Find My: Free iPhone Tracking App

iCloud’s Find My is one of the best free iPhone tracking apps developed specifically for iOS users. Although its tracking capabilities are limited to locating rather than monitoring, with the help of the innovative Air Tag, Find My can locate virtually anything, provided the target devices opt-in to the service.

  • Locate family and friends by tracking their iOS devices.
  • Receive notifications of the arrival/departure from specific locations.
  • Find a lost iPhone or iOS device on the map, and play an audible alert to help locate it.
  • Add an Air Tag to Android devices or personal items to track them with Find My –  the best free tracking app for iPhone.

Note that the target user needs to voluntarily opt-in for you to track their location.

Find My is a completely free service for all iOS account holders.Due to the opt-in and opt-out features of Find My, it’s challenging to engage in a secretive form of tracking.

mSpy – Secret Tracking App iPhone

mSpy is one of the best hidden iPhone tracking apps in the US! It has some great monitoring features as a standard.

  • Comprehensive call tracking listing incoming and outgoing telephone calls with date and time stamps, duration, and caller ID. Tracks contacts’ lists and their details.
  • Monitors SMS, social messaging apps, social media accounts, and media uploads.
  • Browser history and bookmarked sites.
  • Remotely block inappropriate or damaging websites, applications, and contacts.
  • Location tracking and geofencing capabilities. 
  • Tiered premium price plan, currently with a price reduction offer:
    • 1 month/$48.99
    • 3 months/$27.99 per month
    • 12 months/$11.66 per month

mSpy best tracking app for iPhone offers all the usual tracking features at a competitive price.

The account holder receives an uninstall alert if mSpy is deleted, disabled, or malfunctions.Some iOS features require jailbreaking.

SpyBubble Pro – Unrivaled Cell Phone Tracking App for iPhone

SpyBubble Pro works in a hidden mode on all Android and iOS devices and is quick and easy to install. It offers a great selection of features.

  • Extensive social media account monitoring, including all activity and messaging.
  • Real-time audio and video stream and photo snapshots.
  • SMS and email monitoring, and all internet browsing activity, even if it’s deleted.
  • Tiered price plan, currently with a discount:
    • 1 month/$49.99 per month
    • 3 months/$29.99 per month
    • A year/$12.49 per month

SpyBubble Pro easily ranks as one of the top iPhone monitoring apps.

Discord monitoring. Discord is growing in popularity as a worldwide communication platform for online gamers.No free trial, only a live demo.

How We Rate iPhone Tracking Apps? 

The best app for tracking iPhone is rated using the following criteria: 

  • User Experience

User experience is arguably the most important criteria for rating a tracking app for iPhone. An app developer can claim the best app in the world, but unless user experience supports these claims, ultimately, it will fail.

App users demand excellent functionality and value for money. Numerous forums, reviewers, and social media pages mean that the user’s experience is now very public.

The world will know if the app doesn’t measure up!

  • Compatibility  

iOS and Android are the leading operating systems for cell phones, and if you’re installing an iPhone tracking app that isn’t from Apple, then compatibility is critical. 

Not all Android tracking apps support iOS and won’t work with an iPhone. 

Before spending your money, do your research and ensure you’re not wasting your time and cash on a non-compatible product.

  • Number of Features 

Different people look for various features depending on their reasons for wanting to track someone. For example, a spouse investigating a cheating partner might want real-time video recording, whereas some may specifically need a secret tracking app for iPhone with geofencing.

Many tracking apps have standard features but offer extra premium ones for an additional price.

  • Price 

There are tracking apps to suit most pockets, often with basic or premium price packages depending on your purpose. 

Price packages also offer short or long-term contracts with monthly payment plans and  discounts for longer commitments. The price-quality ratio should still be sustained.

How to Install Tracking App on iPhone 

Installing a tracking app on an iPhone is easy enough. 

  1. Ensure you have the iCloud login credentials for the target iOS device.
  2. Decide on your price plan and complete your registration and payment. You will receive an email with your login and password.
  3. Access your account, input the iCloud credentials for the iOS device you want to monitor, and make any necessary changes to the settings.
  4. Your account will begin to receive tracked data. Happy tracking!


With so much choice available, it’s easy to see why people need some guidance when purchasing a tracking app for iPhone.

Furthermore, they might be struggling with other considerations like the morality of tracking someone, the financial commitment, and whatever issue has triggered the need to follow someone in the first place.

We hope we have answered some of the many questions you are sure to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free tracking apps for iPhone? 

Yes. The good news is that there are free iPhone tracking apps available! There is a range of apps for phone tracking that are immediately available with your iOS contract. For example, Find My is an iPhone parental control app that is free to use. If you meet an unknown app that promises many features at no cost, it might be a scam, so be attentive to who you share your data with.

Is it legal to use iPhone tracking apps without permission? 

There is no distinct answer. Installing a tracking app on iPhone without the owner’s knowledge and permission is illegal and violates the security and privacy law of some jurisdictions. You can, however, install iPhone tracking apps if you have the target user’s consent or if you are concerned for a minor’s welfare and protecting them from harm.

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