Iphone Tracking: Best Apps To Track An Iphone

By Alexander Mereïn-Velkor

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It is a known fact that iPhones are hard to spy on. Perhaps you are happy to read this, especially if you have the one in your pocket. But what if you need to track an iPhone for whatever reason? Maybe you need to watch your kid’s Apple device or spy on your friend. In any case, there is demand for iPhone tracking – and there are solutions.

Let’s explore them. You’ll find that uMobix is the best solution to spy on the iPhone. Despite having fewer spying features for iOS devices than for Android, it is still powerful enough to enable you to monitor the iPhone efficiently. Another significant advantage is that you do not need jailbreak. Many iPhone tracking features don’t work without it, but not in the case of uMobix.

Two other spying apps with similar names will be described too: SpyBubble and SpyBubblePro. You’ll be able to compare them with uMobix.

 Tracking with Apple ID by uMobix 

uMobix is one of the best iPhone tracking apps. It has a vast number of features, almost all that is possible. With that, uMobix for iOS costs $149.99/year: a very affordable price for an app of such level. If you want to track an iPhone for free, you can find another app with a free version, but we haven’t seen any for an iPhone.

You probably heard of a jailbreak: the process enabling you to access all features of iOS and obtain total control over the operating system. Although sometimes this is an attractive option, jailbreaking voids the device’s warranty and can be harmful in other ways: for example, opening the possibility to change something accidentally in the operating system, leaving it non-working. So, the fact that most uMobix features are available without jailbreak makes it an advantage. Cydia is an example of the iPhone jailbreak software. You can read about other examples here.

Still, unfortunately, many features available for the Android device are not available for the iOS one. They include the camera and mic tracking and direct app control. Many messengers also cannot be tracked on the iPhone, despite the most popular ones being available. However, developers constantly improve their app, and the number of features available for iPhone tracking grows.

Let’s see what this iPhone tracker can do:

Call and SMS tracking 

The app provides a tool for monitoring the calls, SMSs, and iMessages on the iPhone. You can see the logs of them with the phone numbers and contact names. You also can explore the contact list directly.

Location Tracking 

Another tool will allow you to record the target’s location; you’ll access it from your dashboard. You’ll see the map with a precise location. Along with that, you’ll see the list of visited locations.

Photos & Videos Checking 

uMobix grants you full access to the iPhone’s gallery. You’ll see photos and videos on the target device, including the time when each of them was made or downloaded. To do this, go to the Media menu section on your dashboard and select either photos or videos.

Social Network Tracking 

You’ll obtain full access to the social networks: on iOS, there is a limited number of them available for tracking, but for most cases, Facebook and Instagram will be enough.

Facebook tracking from the PC.

Message Tracking 

uMobix enables message tracking from popular messengers. Again, for iOS, a limited number of messengers is available for tracking. Still, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are available: they are the most popular, and, in most cases, it will be enough.


The app’s keylogger record everything typed from the device. Access it from your dashboard, choose any app, and you’ll see everything that you target wrote in it: from messages and SMSs to notes and documents.

Browser Usage 

You’ll have access to the browser history and bookmark.

Photos & Videos Checking 

uMobix grants you full access to the target phone’s gallery. You’ll see photos and videos on the target device, including the time when each of them was made or downloaded. To do this, go to the Media menu section on your dashboard and select either photos or videos.

Installing uMobix on iPhone

Watch this video first: How to use uMobix cell phone tracker on iOS devices

You can install uMobix remotely for the iPhone tracking, but you need to ensure that the iPhone has 2-factor authentication turned off and iCloud synchronization turned on. You cannot install the app otherwise: it requires sync because it will use iCloud for installation. 2-factor auth will prevent the app from installation if it is turned on.

To start, sign in to your account and choose the iOS installation. Provide your Apple ID and password, and after that, choose the device you need to monitor. You should have physical access to your target iPhone because you’ll obtain a code on it. You need to type it to initiate the installation. After that, the installation will start automatically; the app will be hidden, and no further contacts with the target device are required.

The first sync with your dashboard can take up to 24 hours. After that, the dashboard will be refreshed quickly, with a delay of no more than 5 minutes.

What You Should Know Before You Install uMobix on an iPhone 

Here is the list of things you should be ready to:

  • For iPhone tracking, you should double-check if iCloud synchronization is turned on on your target. It will allow the app to be installed via iCloud remotely. Along with that, 2-factor authentication should be turned off: in another case, iOS won’t let uMobix install.
  • You should know the Apple ID credentials for the iPhone tracking. Without them, you won’t obtain access to iCloud and cannot install the app.
  • You should have physical access to the device. Despite uMobix will install remotely, you will obtain a confirmation code on the device, so you should reach it to start the installation.
  • Remember that some app features are not available on the iOS target device.



$49.95/month for 5 devices at once

SpyBubble is another app, well-suitable for iPhone tracking. It is perfect to monitor several devices simultaneously, providing an economical plan for monitoring five devices. Its range of features is limited compared to other apps: still, it includes all basic spying features.

Despite claiming to be the best one, the number of their available features is quite limited.

GPS Tracking 

You can see the location of your target via the phone’s GPS module. Open the dashboard, find the location tracker and start monitoring.

Message Tracking 

Similarly, SpyBubble will provide you with the log of SMS messages, with phone numbers, dates, and other relevant information.

It is an example of SMS intercepting using the SpyBubble dashboard. The image is from the official site.

Call Tracking 

Similar to SMS tracking, the app will show you the list of calls made from the device. You’ll also be able to download the logs.

Social Apps 

The app allows intercepting messages from all popular social networks and messengers, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You’ll see messages from your dashboard.


The app allows you to see the visited websites, showing the browser history and its bookmark manager on the target device.

SpyBubble  Installation 

Installation instructions on the site are unclear. However, the procedure is standard and similar to other spying apps: you need to buy the spyware and register on the website. Then, you’ll obtain the download link: download and install the app on your target iPhone. 

According to the website, you cannot install SpyBubble remotely: you need physical access to it.


  • Well-suitable for multiple device monitoring.
  • A free 3-days trial.
  • It can download the call recordings.


  • Limited features.
  • Only a monthly subscription plan is available.
  • The information about features and installation is unclear, and the app’s support, in general, is poor.



Despite similar names, SpyBubblePro is the app distinct from SpyBubble: they have different prices and features. It’s another good alternative for iOS spying: it costs the same as uMobix and provides a range of features comparable with it.

However, it is unclear which features are available for the iPhone tracking. As you know from the uMobix example, probably some of them are not. 

We encourage you to contact support before installation to clarify this question.

You can easily explore the SpyBubblePro features on its official site, but it is unclear on which operating systems they’re working.


You can use the app for GPS tracking. It will show the current location of your target, along with its target history. Of course, it will work only if your target has a GPS module enabled.


SpyBubblePro provides you access to the device’s mic and camera. You can use them to listen to the phone’s environment and use the device’s camera to take photos and videos, which will be sent directly to your dashboard.

Messages and Calls Tracking 

You’ll have access to the conversation logs on the target phone. In the dashboard, you’ll find the list of the messages and calls with the contact names and numbers. You can see both SMSs and iMessages. 

Social Tracking 

SpyBubblePro gives you access to all popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others, as well as to popular social messengers. SpyBubblePro will enable you to see the messages that were sent and received via them. 

Control Features 

The app will show you the list of installed applications and provide you with a wide range of abilities to manipulate it. You’ll be able to track the time each application has been used. The app allows you to turn off each app when you need it or even delete them.

Installation guide 

Installation is claimed to be very quick: you first need to register, but the app and sign in to your personal account. Then, enter your target’s Apple ID credentials and select the device you need to track on. The app will install itself automatically, but you need to ensure that iCloud sync is turned on and 2-factor auth – turned off, just as in the case of uMobix and SpyBubble.

 Benefits of using SpyBubblePro 

  • A good range of features
  • Average and accessible price
  • No jailbreak is required

Frequently Asked Questions 

 Q: Why are there fewer features available for iOS than for Android? 

A: iOS is much better protected than Android, according to experts. Apple has designed both the iPhone and its operating system, and they are perfectly fit each other. In addition, Apple watches for its products’ security very strictly. Due to that, it is much more complicated in general to spy on iOS devices.

Q: Why installation should proceed via iCloud? 

A: The spyware, of course, is not officially approved by Apple. That means that it cannot be installed on the device, at least without jailbreaking: you can read more about Apple’s tight policy here, for example. It is the part of Apple’s famous security from the previous answer. To circumvent this policy, we need to use

Q: What to do if I don’t know the Apple ID credentials but need to spy anyway? 

A: You can find them by accessing the target iPhone and searching them in the iPhone Settings. They will be displayed in the main Apple account.

Q: Why jailbreak can be dangerous for the iPhone?  

A: It is not so dangerous by itself; problems may emerge in its possible consequences. First, it voids a warranty and stops the iPhone support from Apple. Second, it opens possibilities to change something in the core of the operating system. It may lead to the breakage of the device.

Q: What is 2-factor authentication? 

A: It is the extra security system for the iOS device: you can read more on the official Apple website. Using verification codes ensures that no one except the iPhone’s owner can use it and install anything on it.

Q: Can I track an iPhone without installing software? 

A: No, you need to install the spyware on the device via iCloud to enable it to gather information from the iPhone.

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