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By Jessica Bolan

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Best Facebook Tracker Apps to View Chats and Pics

A Facebook tracker app can help you protect children or employees from cyberbullies or crime. The internet is undoubtedly a learning tool and opens new life horizons. However, it also has malicious people. Using a Facebook messenger tracker, parents and employers can use innovative tools to determine their target person’s location and who they talk with on this social media platform.

Understanding Facebook Tracker Apps

A Facebook tracker application allows you to track your child, spouse, or employee’s location and read every Facebook message they receive. Most people use this social network to send and receive audio and texts, videos and photos, chats, files, stickers, emoticons, and even make video and voice calls.

This software enables you to monitor and protect your children from age-inappropriate content. Also, it lets you know what your kids interact with on the platform and whether somebody is threatening them. Monitoring your children can also help you protect them from drug abuse and sexual harassment.

Top Reasons to Use a Facebook Tracker App 

The primary reason to use a Facebook tracker is to monitor another person’s activity on this platform. If you have a child who started using this social network, you may want to monitor what they share on the web. The best software enables you to do so without them realizing that you’re watching them.

Also, if you own a business, you may want to know whether employees use this social network during working hours. This app allows you to check it out without the target knowing you’re doing it.

How Facebook Messenger Tracker Apps Work

A Facebook messenger tracker lets you remotely read another person’s chats and see what the individual sends and receives, including multimedia files. Also, the application enables you to check the contacts, time, and date stamps and explore the data the person records. Thus, they can’t hide anything they do if you use the software to monitor them.

Top 10 Best Facebook Trackers

You have many options to consider when looking for a Facebook tracker app. While some applications are pretty decent, they cost more than others. But cheaper options may lack essential monitoring features that you might need. Therefore, strike a balance between price and features. Here are some of the best options to consider when looking for a real Facebook tracker.

1. uMobix – The Best Facebook Tracker App

uMobix is a parental spying software for monitoring how kids use their phones. It helps protect children from online threats by following their social media activity. Some of the things you can track with this tool include conversation history, contact name, and video or image attachments. Additionally, uMobix is a Facebook messenger tracker, meaning it is possible to read the target’s conversations on this social network.


  • Facebook feed browsing
  • Check the friends’ list
  • See reactions, tags, comments, posts, and likes

This software is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. When using it for iPhones, you require the iCloud login credentials, including the user’s password and Apple ID or email address. If you have turned on the device’s two-factor authentication, you will need a code to complete the installation. Nevertheless, uMobix doesn’t require jailbreaking for iOS devices.

Runs in stealth modeRequires iCloud login details
Straightforward installation
It doesn’t need physical access to iPhone
Intuitive user interface and control panel
Allows full access to a Facebook user account
The 1-day trial means that uMobix is a free Facebook tracker that works for that period, after which the subscription will be automatically prolonged

2. iKeyMonitor – Free Facebook Messenger Tracker App

iKeyMonitor is also a parental control app that lets you track all your kids’ activities on social media – view chat history, posts, contacts, images, and received and sent files. It is Facebook messenger tracker free software that even takes Facebook chat screenshots, keystrokes, and voice messages.


  • Facebook chats monitoring
  • Recording voice messages and calls
  • Keystroke tracking

This application enables you to monitor your child’s activity in real-time and decide what to do to protect them.

It doesn’t require rootingApp blocking and web history work for rooted devices only
The free plan is availableIt lacks the screentime feature
Screenshots capturing allow you to monitor the target device remotely
It tracks all media on the target device

The ability to take screenshots and record keystrokes means you can use this spyware to get the target person’s Facebook password. And with this information, log into their account and read their messages.

3. Cocospy – Facebook Messenger Tracker for Parents

Cocospy is another Facebook tracker that works with Android and iOS devices. It runs in stealth mode with minimal battery drainage. Also, it doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking to work.


  • Facebook message tracking
  • It runs in stealth mode
  • SIM location tracking
  • History and website history

This spyware positions itself as an app for guardians and parents. It’s also affordable and provides features that most applications offer.

Access to all messages on the target mobile phone, including Facebook chatsIt does not support Windows devices
Reasonable price
No rooting or jailbreaking of the device
Access to media files
Location details

This tool has excellent features for tracing and controlling your kids, employees, or other person’s Facebook activity. It is a good option if you need an affordable spy application that serves a similar purpose to most market alternatives.

4. mSpy Facebook Tracker for Android

mSpy may not be an ideal Facebook tracker app for iPhone. That’s because the installation process requires you to jailbreak the iPhone. Nevertheless, it has excellent features that let you monitor what the person does on several social media platforms.


  • Monitoring Facebook messages
  • Accessing browser history, multimedia files, audio, and photos
  • Reading conversations on Facebook messenger
  • Tracking GPS location

This application also has excellent customer support and is suitable for non-tech-savvy parents who want to track their children. The tech support can assist such users in achieving their goals.

Advanced filtering system for browsingFast battery draining
View messages, including ones the user deletesAndroid devices require rooting to track Facebook messages
Simple installation
24/7 customer support
The mSpy app has an intuitive interface with wide-ranging features
Hits on affordability

5. Spyera – Password Tracker for Facebook with Powerful Features

Any Spyera review you find online will most likely praise the app for its robust features. It’s a smartphone monitoring tool that lets you track a person’s Facebook usage. However, it requires Android rooting and won’t work otherwise.


  • Viewing received and sent Facebook messages
  • Viewing all contacts, time stamps, and dates
  • Storing Facebook messages
  • Keyword search in messages

This Facebook messenger tracker works for employers and parents that want to control website and social media usage on specific devices. It can also help if you want your employees or kids to avoid some stuff.

It lets you access past and current location detailsIt requires rooting and jailbreaking devices
Recording ambient soundCall recording is not possible
Listening to live calls
It allows monitoring social media and web browsing activities
Gives access to all media files
Works with Android and iOS smartphones

6. SpyBubble – Ultimate Facebook Tracker App for Android

The SpyBubble app is excellent software for monitoring Facebook on Android devices. You can use it to track all received and sent Facebook messenger conversations.


  • Call logs
  • Facebook activity tracking
  • Location tracking
  • Keylogger

This spy service has three subscription packages, all available for tracking 1 device (it is possible to unlink and link again as many devices as you want).

Fast data syncing that updates information on the control panel every few minutesNo free trial
Flexible packages with descending pricing based on the subscription length
More than 40 features on offer
Straightforward and intuitive interface

This tool allows you to read conversations on Facebook messenger, including deleted messages, and see media files the person uploads or downloads from Facebook. Once you’ve installed this tracker app, you can deploy its spy features and start following the target’s activity on social media.

7. Hoverwatch – Facebook Tracker for iPhone that Runs in Stealth Mode

The Hoverwatch app allows users to spy on somebody else’s Facebook activity while remaining anonymous. It is easy to install once you sign up for a free account. This Facebook tracker can monitor various activities and works with phones and computers. That means a parent or guardian can use it to track kids, while an employer can spy on employees.


  • Logs recording
  • Stealth mode
  • Internet history
  • Tracking Facebook chats and messages
  • Android screenshots
  • Camera tracking

Hoverwatch can track 1 device at a time, yet it’s not over-the-top expensive. It enables users to read all the messages individuals exchange on Facebook messenger, including video, audio, and image files.

Screenshots that enable you to record somebody’s Facebook activity in real timeLess social media monitored on iOS
Easy access to internet browsing history1 subscription – 1 tracked device
Access to multiple social networking accountsIt might require manual installation
User-friendly interface
Android and iOS compatible
Keylogger feature for iOS Mac

8. Flexispy – Facebook Tracker Software for Android

Almost every Flexispy review you find online will recommend this tool for Android monitoring. This Facebook tracker app has comprehensive features that allow you to view received and sent messages that individuals exchange on chat. Also, it will enable you access to multimedia files and Facebook call logs.


  • Monitoring audio and digital communications
  • Viewing everything happening on Mac or PC
  • Remote installation
  • Keyword search in messages
  • Viewing contacts, time stamps, and dates
  • Downloading and storing messages

Whether you want to protect your kid or business, this Facebook tracker for iPhone can help you know everything necessary.

Easy access to internet browsing historyiOS device users may not access some features
Capturing screenshots
Video previewing
It doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting
It is invisible because it runs in a stealth mode
It’s user-friendly

Consider Flexispy if you want to download Facebook tracker and start tracking your kid or employee’s activity on this social network.

9. Spyrix – Popular Facebook Chat Tracker

Spyrix is a Facebook messenger tracker that helps you protect children online or enhance your team’s productivity. This tool provides complete tracking reports on the user’s activity.


  • Keystrokes monitoring
  • Clipboard tracking
  • Chat screenshots
  • Activity tracking
  • Search queries and web history
  • Website blocker

The keystrokes monitoring feature lets you get somebody’s Facebook password and use it to log into their account from another device. And once you have this access, you can monitor all their activities effortlessly.

It supports the major macOS and Windows versions; EvaSpy is available for AndroidSeparate payment for add-on features like call and camera recording
Smart reporting allows you to check the system’s live screenA tech-savvy person can detect the app on their Mac or PC
Highly sophisticated Spyrix keyloggerThe free trial is available for Windows only
Comprehensive monitoring features
The trial version of this spyware means you can use it as a Facebook messenger tracker free of charge

10. GEOfinder – Sophisticated Facebook Location Tracker  

Maybe you want to view somebody’s activity on their device but don’t want to download Facebook tracker. In that case, GEOfinder might be ideal for you. It can track a Facebook user location through a phone number. By sending a message with a link to a person of interest, you invite them to follow it and disclose their location. Your message can be customized so that the person willingly and inconspicuously shares their location.

Another way out is to find someone’s location via Facebook – open your friend’s dialog and tap the four dots at the bottom left side. Select location, then “Share Live Location.” That’s the internal Facebook location tracker.


  • Precise and accurate GPS location
  • Global coverage for all phone numbers
  • IP address logging
  • WiFi network location and name viewing
  • VPN network detection
It supports iOS and AndroidSingle membership plan
Easy phone number tracking
Free trial for 48 hours
Geolocation accessible without rousing suspicions
Precise location data on Google Maps
Easy to use, instructions are provided on the site

Criteria for Rating Facebook Tracking Apps

Our reviews for tracking apps depend on a few factors. Key among them include:


We rate the available spyware depending on its compatibility. The better the app is compatible with more operating systems and devices, the better the rating. That’s because the Facebook location tracker app caters to the spying needs of more people.


We also consider how user-friendly an app is. A good tracker is easy to install and use. Also, it has robust customer support. That means you won’t have trouble getting assistance when using the spyware.

Number of Features 

The spying features of an app also influence our rating. A good tracker should have various capabilities to give you more value for your money. Also, the elements should be innovative and fit your spying needs. Thus, we rate applications with more features highly.


Good spyware is affordable without compromising on quality and features. Thus, you get all the features you need to track somebody’s Facebook account without burning a hole in your pocket.

Considering the above features will also help you get an application that suits your needs. Also, read other users’ reviews to know what to expect from the app.

A Step-By-Step Guide for Installing a Facebook Tracker

Most Facebook trackers have the same application criteria. Here’s the uMobix installation guide, step-by-step:

  1. Choose a subscription plan, complete your purchase to get your login, password, and further instructions.
  2. Install uMobix on the device or enter the iOS phone’s iCloud credentials in the user account.
  3. Start tracking as the application sends data to your online dashboard.

The setup process is straightforward, taking a few minutes. Once you’ve activated the software, use it to monitor everything the employee or child does on their social media account or device. Contact customer support if you encounter difficulties during the installation.

Parting Shot

There are many Facebook tracker app tools on the market. However, each has unique features, pros, and cons. Therefore, take time to study each spyware carefully to choose one that suits your needs. Nevertheless, the above ten Facebook trackers are the best based on the criteria explained in this article. So, consider one of them if you want to monitor somebody’s Facebook activity.  

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