Reasons You Should Track Your Kids Phone

By Alexander Mereïn-Velkor

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Reasons You Should Track Your Kids Phone

Safety and security are important for the modern world even more than before. With the popularity of the Internet and the rise of the population, the amount of dangers grows correspondingly. Scammers and cyberbullies, thieves and other criminals, suspicious people and offers, explicit content – the Internet is full of it. In that way, it’s important to protect your kid, while not being oppressive and not losing the kid’s trust. So, lets try to find out how you can to track your kids devices and is it worth it.

Five Reasons To Track Your Kids Phone

To ensure they are safe

Your kid’s safety is the main reason why you should use a parental control app. By monitoring your kid’s phone, tracking his location, messages, and surroundings, you’ll be able to see directly whether he is in safety.

Avoid cyberbullying

If you want to protect your kid from the Internet dangers, such as trolling, cyberbullying, online threats, tracking apps will help you to identify the problem and gather pieces of evidence.

Identify theft

If you fear that your child can be a victim of criminals, a  parental control app can help you to identify the danger. Scammers and robbers use the Internet actively today, and your kid can engage in connection with them. By monitoring his messages, you’ll be able to see the signs of danger and take action to prevent it.

Unfortunately, sometimes children become engaged in criminal activities themselves. If you’ll be monitoring your kid’s messages, you will reveal such deeds and will be ready to act.


It is the process of exchanging explicitly sexual messages with each other. Usually, it is nothing wrong with such messages if they are consensual and between people with mutual trust. However, they become extremely unwanted in other cases.

Dangers of it are mostly reputational: it is easy to break your kid’s reputation if the sexually explicit messages would become known. Especially if your kid is sensitive, it can lead to a nervous breakdown. In addition, sexting increases the risk of rape. 

Again, by monitoring your kid’s messages, you’ll be able to see whether she is engaged in such an activity. If so, perhaps you need to speak frankly and seriously about the dangers of sexting. Be careful not to frighten your kid with this sensual theme.

To control what they have access to

To ensure that your kid develops the right time-management habits, you’d want to control their access to the phone’s applications. Children often spend a lot of time playing or surfing on the Internet, which usually has a negative influence on their lives. They should learn how to control their time and use it rationally.

How can I track my kids’ devices?

The best way to make sure that your kids are in safety in the modern world reality is using parental control apps. It can be used also as a tool for nurture and education, by limiting the time of usage of some programs, for example. Other instruments of parental control are message and location monitoring, which ensure that the kid is in safety.

1. uMobix

uMobix is the best tracking app for parents by number of available features and price. It costs $179.88/year for Android and $149.99/year for iOS, the price for Apple devices is lower because not all features are available for iOS. 

All basic parental control app features are included: you can see calls and message logs, location history, and current location. You’ll have access to most of the messengers, despite fewer of them being available for the iOS target. For Android devices, there are advanced features such as direct access to the camera and microphone and direct control of the phone’s media and applications.

uMobix demo dashboard.

2. Cocospy

It is a standard tracking app, with a number of features enough for simple device tracking. It costs $119.99 for Android and $129.99 for iOS. Tthus, its prices for iOS are higher, unlike uMobix.

It allows you to track most of the messengers like Facebook, Viber or WhatsApp. Monitor SMSs, see call logs. Location tracking features allow seeing the current location of the target and its location history. You’ll see the media on the device, browser history, and bookmarks, application list. The keylogger will enable you to see the recordings from all apps installed. The demo dashboard is available to explore its features before buying.

3. Hoverwatch

This app is designed mostly for work monitoring, but it can be used for kid monitoring as well: especially if you want to monitor their laptops or PCs. It is unavailable for iOS, it is tracking app only for Android, but instead, it’s available for Windows and Mac PCs. It costs $99.95/year for 1 device and $199.95/year for 5 devices, which makes it the cheapest app on the list.

Howerwatch features include a message and call monitoring; it enables direct listening and downloads of the call records. Also, it allows location tracking, access to Internet activity and applications. You’ll be able to read messages from different messengers and social apps.


Parental control apps are important because the modern world is full of hidden dangers. You see that you can use the help of tracking apps to ensure that your kid is safe from cyberbullying, sexting, or other unwanted activity, and to control the time they use their devices. In that way, spying apps will help you ensure the safety of your kid, especially if you’re busy; however, you should see the difference between parental control and oppression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use spying apps to track my kids phone?

Technically, as you’ve bought the devices for your minor kid, you have a full right to install anything on them. If your kid became an adult, you can monitor only by consent; in another case, it will be an intrusion into privacy.

Is it better to reveal to the kid about monitoring, or not?

It depends, mainly, on the level of trust between you and your kid. We think that it’s better to reveal in most cases, at it strengthen the trust.

Are there free ways to monitor my kids phone?

There are tracking apps with free trial wich are not mentioned here. Consider, for example, iKeyMonitor.

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