How To Track Someone’s Location Using Facebook Messenger

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How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook

Can you track someone’s location using Messenger? Yes, in some cases, especially if it is consensual “spying.” For example, you can just ask your friend to share their live location with you. You can use location hashtags to see where your friends are.

Tracking Location Using Facebook Messenger

To find someone’s location using Facebook, first, open the dialog with your friend. Tap on the four dots, which are at the bottom left, to open the dialog settings. Select Location > Share Live Location: this is the internal Facebook location tracker and also the only way your friend can share the location with you.

picture showing ways your friend can share their location with youyou
This is how live location sharing works.

Of course, it is not spying in a general way: your friend should trust you; otherwise, they won’t agree to share their location with you. More “aggressive” spying will require third-party apps. Still, it is worth trying. Location Tags and #Hashtags

You can see someone’s location on Facebook, but it works only if they allow themselves. You can go to your own Facebook settings and find the option of location sharing. There is no way to find you (or everyone else who did it) using Facebook alone when it is turned off. Read the official Facebook instructions to know more.

Here is the information from the official Facebook site about Facebook location tracker services.

To use location tags and hashtags, find the most recent Facebook posts of your target. Each post has a location tag created automatically; of course, if your target turned off location sharing, it won’t be created. 

When you see the image, post, story of your target, see the location tag and click on it. It will show you the location where this content was created. Still, it is not necessary the location you need, and you cannot monitor real-time location by this method.

You can also use the Nearby Friend feature to see their locations through facebook. Again, they should turn on their location settings for this Facebook location tracker. Go to the Facebook options in your Facebook app, select More Options > Nearby Friends. You’ll be able to see their locations in real-time. If your target isn’t concerned about the location sharing via Facebook, the chances are that you’ll see her among the nearby friends. Of course, any of them can turn off location sharing at any moment.

Here is an example of using the Nearby Friends feature
Here is an example of using the Nearby Friends feature.

However, if your target turned off her location settings and you cannot access them, well… you need to use third-party apps. The “light” examples are IP tracking apps, which will allow you to track location via the IP: you need your target to click on the special link for that. Without it, you won’t obtain her location. The “hard” example is spyware apps, which will grant you complete access to the target’s phone if you manage to install them.

How to Track Someone’s Location on Facebook Using Third-Party Apps

Some URL shortener apps are available in case the target turns off her internal Facebook location tracker. They are mostly free and easy to use. The method they use is called IP logging: they create a link that collects information about the device where the target clicked it.

The example is IPLogger; you’ll find this option on the official site, as well as the Android app download link. You should send the link to your target, and she should click on it. Other popular examples are Blasze and Grabify. They all are using a similar scheme: you need to generate a link, and your target should click on it. Therefore, you need consent on location sharing. You can try to fool the target and mask the link, but it will already be a “gray” territory connected with intrusion into her privacy.

 you can create an IP logging link here, shorten it and send it to your target in private message
You can create an IP logging link here, shorten it and send it to your target in private messages

How to track someone’s location using uMobix

If you have no other options, but you should know your target’s location anyway, let’s see the “hard” example. uMobix will help you to do that: it is a general-purpose spying app designed to collect the information from the target phone, remaining undetected. 

You need no appropriate settings on the target’s Facebook location tracker, no extra links, and, theoretically, even no consent, only access to the target phone for several minutes. After installing, you’ll be granted control over the phone. But remember that intrusion into someone’s privacy is considered a crime and can be punished by the court.

We’ll review the main uMobix features here, along with location tracking. Then, we’ll see how you can install it. If you’re curious about location tracking and aren’t satisfied by standard Facebook features and even IP logging, the chances are that you want to know something more, in reality, than a simple Facebook location tracker. 

Still, remember that there are some conditions for spying apps. They usually have paid subscriptions: for example, this app costs $179.88/year for the Android target or $149.99/year for the iOS target. This price is about average among the spying apps: be ready for that. In addition, you should install it directly to your target phone, and in the case of the iPhone, you must know the Apple ID credentials.
umobix tracking app
You can proceed with GPS tracking from your PC or phone: you need to log in to your uMobix dashboard.

From the app dashboard, you’ll see the Location tab: by clicking on it, you’ll access the map where you’ll see your target. In addition to the current location, you’ll see the location history: the list of locations and the time when the target was there. When the target has her GPS turned on, uMobix records the location and sends it to your dashboard.

In addition, the GeoFinder is available if your target has an Android device. It is exciting, as it allows location tracking by a phone number. Still, it needs consent, again: app will send SMS to your target phone, and your target should confirm the request. To send the request, just type the target’s phone number in the appropriate field, which you can find by clicking on the Geofinder tab in the dashboard. You can adjust whether your target will see your number or send the SMS anonymously.

The GeoFinder function in action.

Another features

With this app you can track not only target device location. uMobix offer wide range of features for parental control and employee monitorng, there are some of them:

Photos & videos checking

The app grants you full access to the target phone’s gallery. You’ll see photos and videos on the target device, including the time when each of them was made or downloaded. To do this, go to the Media menu section on your dashboard and select either photos or videos.

Social Network Tracking

The app will record the information from your target’s social networks. It will enable you to see messages and news feeds, groups, friends, posts, etc. You’ll see whether your target is online just by checking the dashboard. 

In addition, you’ll be able to track messages from almost all popular messengers, including, of course, the Facebook Messenger tracker. You can see ordinary SMS messages too.

umobix tracking app
Facebook Messenger will be revealed if you use uMobix.

Access to the Mic and the Camera

For the Android target device, you can run the audio or video streaming to hear or see what’s happening around the target device.

Remote device control

You’ll see the Wi-Fi network list available from the target device, along with the list of visited websites. On the Android device, you’ll also obtain direct access to all applications. You’ll be able to monitor their activity, seeing when and how long your target used each app. You can intrude to this activity directly, blocking apps and changing their settings; you can also block Wi-Fi networks and particular websites.

listofumobixinstalled app
For iOS devices, direct control is impossible; despite that, you’ll still be able to see the list of installed apps and device information.

Download App

To check someone’s location on Facebook Messenger spyware should be installed on the device; thus, quick installation is crucial for spying apps. uMobix will be installed quickly, but first, you need to purchase it and log in to your personal account.

For the Android target, you will obtain a download link, which will start like… 

You should type this link in the browser of your target device to initiate the download. Thus, you should obtain physical access to it for 10 minutes or so; be prepared for that.

To track location on Facebook for iPhone or iPad, no manual download is necessary, but you must know the Apple ID credentials of your target. Without them, you won’t be able to track anything, include see someone’s location on Facebook. Once you know them, you can install the app remotely, but several conditions should be met, too: 2-factor auth should be turned off, and iCloud sync should be turned on.

Install App

Before application can be installed on Android, you should check several things, the app won’t be installed without them: First, go to Google Settings and turn off the Play Store Protect. Second, go to the general settings and turn on the setting that enables installing apps from unknown sources.

After doing that and downloading .apk file on the Android device, run it, and the installation will start. It will be installed very quickly, but you need to set it up after. Open the app, agree with the conditions and enable tracking. Turn on the User Account settings in the Installed Services. As you don’t want your target to see tracking app, hide it in its settings. Don’t forget to delete the .apk file from the device.

For iOS installation, as mentioned, you need the target iPhone to have disabled 2-factor authentication. Without it, iOS won’t permit uMobix to install. iCloud sync and backup should be enabled because the app will be installed via iCloud.

To install, open your personal account, choose the iOS installation. Then, you will be prompted to type Apple ID and password; after that, select the device you want to monitor. App will send the code to this device, so you must be ready for that and have short physical access to it. After receiving, write the code to the corresponding field in your account.

The installation will start shortly after that and will complete in several minutes. No contact with the target is required after receiving the code; just don’t forget to delete the code message to leave no trace. The app will hide itself automatically.

Start Monitoring

To start, make sure that your app is installed. For the Android device, tracking is available right after the installation. Just open the dashboard, and you’ll see the recorded information. The iOS device can take up to 24 hours after the iCloud installation to make the first synchronization with your dashboard. After that, the data will be updated quickly.


There are several methods to track location from Facebook; the choice depends on your budget and intentions. You can simply use the internal Facebook location tracker for this purpose. If she turned off the location sharing, you need third-party apps. You can use the IP logger to create a link which she should click on, or download a spyware on her phone, if you will manage to do it. The uMobix is the best option for location tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do IP loggers work?

They create a link that reads the device’s IP address if someone clicks on it. The data are sent to the link’s creator; you can learn the IP address of your target and the location of the address.

How does spyware work?

These apps have different features, but basically, they all are similar. They have the option to be hidden; they are lightweight and designed to record the information from the target phone where they’re installed and send it to the spyware’s owner. Different spyware varies on the information they can provide and its quality, but almost all provide location tracking options and access to messages, calls, and social apps.

Are spy apps and IP loggers illegal?

These apps have different features, but basically, they all are similar. They have the option to be hidden; they are lightweight and designed to record the information from the target phone where they’re installed and send it to the spyware’s owner. Different spyware varies on the information they can provide and its quality, but almost all provide location tracking options and access to messages, calls, and social apps.

Can anybody track me via my Facebook?

Not anybody, but your friends can use this internal Facebook location tracker if you’ve allowed it in your Location settings. In that case, they will see your location in their Nearby Friends feature. If you don’t want to be tracked at all, make sure that all those functions are turned off.

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