Track Your Husband’s WhatsApp Messages Without His Knowledge

By Alexander Mereïn-Velkor

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How to Check Your Husband’s WhatsApp Messages Without Him Knowing

If your husband is onto something fishy and no conversations can help, you may need WhatsApp tracking apps to monitor his messages and know more. If you are sure that it can be cheating or secret affairs, you have a right to know it. According to statistics, WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the United States, and probably, your spouse uses it for cheating, too.

If nothing is working, you may use WhatsApp tracking apps to eventually reveal what’s going on in your spouse’s life. But you should know when it is indispensable, how to do it best, and the risks. Let’s start!

Reasons to Track His WhatsApp Messages

So, what kind of behavior may indicate something unpleasant is happening behind your back, and you need to check your husband’s WhatsApp?

Something Keeps Him Up Late Night

If you are in a trustful relationship and you know that he may spend a lot of time at work, no worries.

But what if he keeps lately for some time, refuses to talk about it, and diligently hides everything connected with those “overnight” activities? Well, it might be very, very suspicious, at least.

Unnecessary Disputes

It is always better to solve all problems with communication, but unfortunately, it is not always possible. If quarrels always arise, and you cannot stop them, then some action is needed.

He Is Always Chatting

When everything you see is him typing something, and he refuses to talk about it and behaves like nothing is happening, it is a good reason for your intervention. If he is always chatting and pays almost no attention to you, then it’s clear signs that you should do something, including even turning to WhatsApp tracking apps installation; it’s an easy tool to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp.

He Spends a Lot of Time with His Device

Not only chatting, but you always see him with his device, and still, he says nothing about it. He can even be irritated when you try to raise this theme. Well, it’s a severe sign to revise your relationship.

You Suspect a Hidden Affair

Even if you are sure that he isn’t cheating, he can be planning some affair or be involved in suspicious activity. Is he excited sometimes, and those periods of excitement quickly change with periods of distress? Is it tension in all his words or actions? Does he refuse to talk even on common themes and become highly paranoid? These can be signs that something terrible is going on.

How to See Your Husband’s WhatsApp Messages

“How can I check my husband’s WhatsApp messages?” There is different spyware, and the function for revealing WhatsApp messages is one of the basic ones. You can hack your husband’s WhatsApp fast and easily using tracking apps.

Reading about WhatsApp tracking apps, you’ll frequently find the terms “rooting” and “jailbreaking.” Rooting concerns Android phones and jailbreaking – iOS ones: they provide full access to operational systems and may be required for some spyware functions, including WhatsApp call logs tracking. It’s more convenient if a spying app allows you to see your WhatsApp messages without rooting or jailbreaking.

One of the most complex parts will probably be obtaining the PIN to unlock your husband’s phone and Apple ID in the case of the iPhone. Without them, you won’t be able to install any of the tools specified.

Best Apps to Track Your Husband’s WhatsApp Chats

There are many tracking apps with different functions on the market, so let’s try to find out what tracking app is the best to check your husband’s WhatsApp messages.


SpyBubble provides a set of features that enable tracking messages and calls. It is helpful for WhatsApp message tracking, being straightforward and swift to install. Like every other app from the list, it is hidden on the target phone.

Currently, the app comes with a yearly subscription (at $149.88), and it is possible to employ it for shorter periods – one month and three months. Its average pricing makes SpyBubble a good choice. A great advantage is also the presence of live support on its website.


It is a powerful spy app that allows you to track your husband’s WhatsApp, despite being expensive. It provides a wide range of features, from call tracking to direct access to the device.

On the compatibility/pricing page, you will find complete information about its features for different platforms, its installation, and prices. You need $419/year for a full version, enabling you to track WhatsApp calls in real-time.

The Premium Edition is enough to read your husband’s WhatsApp messages, costing $179/month, but if you know that your husband prefers to speak by voice, it’s better to use a full version.

They propose an easy way to pre-install FlexiSPY on the phone for $249+. It includes rooting or jailbreaking the device. Check limitations for the devices before installation.

Also, see our full FlexiSPY review to know more information.


Another powerful WhatsApp tracking app for iPhone and Android that allows you to hack your husband’s WhatsApp chat, XNSPY, provides an astonishing range of features at a very affordable price. Those are messages and location tracking, full access to the target device, and direct access to the mic and camera.

It costs only $90/year for a full version, with a discount applied. The basic version provides a tool for watching WhatsApp photos only; thus, you need a full version.

The installation is quick and comfortable; the 24/7 living chat support is available on the website. The app’s dashboard is minimalistic and convenient: all necessary tools are easily accessed. The app is convenient, stable, easy to use, and has a very affordable price.

For full access to WhatsApp, you’ll need to root the target Android device: that means that you should root your husband’s phone if he hasn’t rooted it yet. For iOS devices, no jailbreak is required, which is a clear advantage.


This application provides a set of necessary tools for tracking messages in different messengers and social networks, including access to WhatsApp.

The app has quite a strange marketing strategy. If you visit its pricing section for any operational system, you’ll find that they offer an enormous discount from the Premium package price. Probably it is the strange way they use to promote their application.

Compared to XNSPY, for example, the range of features of Minspy is limited. Still, you’ll have access to WhatsApp and its messages. Despite its strange marketing strategy, you can be sure that the actual price is $119.99/year for Android and $129.99/year for iOS, which is cheaper than many other apps.

If your aim is WhatsApp tracking, Minspy is a good choice. Most features, including WhatsApp tracking itself, require no rooting or jailbreaking, which is a clear advantage.


Spyier’s website seems to be very similar to that of Minspy. Their prices are identical, even with that strange marketing strategy with lifetime discounts. Features are almost identical: there is no need to write about them again here. We’re even wondering: maybe it is one app, just presented under two labels?

You may check the facilities of the application via the demo dashboard, too. It will show you the practical and easy interface of the app, where you’ll be able to track WhatsApp messages of your husband.

Can You Track Without His Permission?

In reality, no. Probably, it is obvious. Less obvious is the fact that the invasion of someone’s private life is a criminal offense. Interestingly enough, almost 50% of people in the United States and the United Kingdom either think that it isn’t or don’t know, according to the survey.

Remember that spying on your husband’s WhatsApp is considered an invasion of private life and leads to legal actions. Using WhatsApp tracking apps for snooping on private messages can also be detrimental to relationships in general.

Still, there are very polar opinions about the rightness of message snooping. If you feel that you should know what’s going on in your spouse’s phone, it’s no reason to blame yourself. Just weigh everything: the reasons why you’ll do that, the context of your relationships and why you want them to persist, the probability of being caught, and other consequences of your actions. After that, decide.

What If You’re Caught?

Bad news. Your husband has checked his phone and has found your Whatsapp tracking app on it. His suspicions will be obvious: you are possibly the only person with him most of the time. There probably will be a serious talk, perhaps a quarrel. Then it can even reach the court.

As you can guess from the statistics provided in the previous section, there may be no court: everything depends on your relationship and the character of your husband. But, such probability always exists: he has a full right to go to court and report his suspicions. 

The most severe punishment for privacy invasion in the U.S. is up to 7 years in prison! In practice, of course, it won’t be the case if you were spying on your spouse. But you may be fined up to $2500 and be arrested for up to 30 days.

To punish you, your husband should prove that it was you who installed that spyware. It is not easy if you do not reveal everything by yourself. WhatsApp tracking apps can be removed without a trace, and there is no direct information that it was you who installed those apps. 

The best case will be if you are able to conversate sincerely after you are caught. If your husband is not going to take the case to court, explain to him the reason why it was necessary. Chances are that your relationship will even improve: after your husband understands that you did it out of desperation, he can revise his behavior.

Good or bad, it’s better never to be caught. Again, weigh everything before your actions. If nothing else works, then, and only then, start to install WhatsApp tracking software.


It is always better to solve everything with a simple talk. However, it isn’t always possible in reality.

According to these statistics, more than 40% of couples have a secret account to protect themselves from their partners. Almost the same percentage of people tried to access the partner’s account at least once, even after the breakup.

You see, the desire to know more about the partner is normal. You shouldn’t blame yourself if you want this. But you should clearly understand all possible consequences of your actions. 

Also, be ready to study the installation process of the app of your choice, to proceed quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to use WhatsApp tracking apps?

Yes, it is illegal if used unethically, as it is an actual invasion of someone’s privacy, although it’s not so obvious as, for example, in the case of robbery. Spying is legal in case you have written consent from your partner.

Do I need physical access to the phone?

Yes, you’ll need it: for Android, to install the spyware on the device; for iOS, you can install most apps remotely, but you need to know the Apple ID and password.

Is it morally acceptable to track my husband?

It is up to you: the opinions are polar. But it would be better not to blame yourself anyway.

What is rooting/jailbreaking?

They are processes to obtain full access to the device by tampering with its default settings: rooting for an Android device and jailbreaking for an iOS one. Some tracking functions require them, which is usually specified on the app’s website.

Are there any other ways to know what’s happening on his device?

Only if he carelessly leaves his device unlocked. However, this is not a comprehensive approach, and you might be caught red-handed if this happens often.

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