4 Tracking Apps With Free Trial

By Jessica Bolan

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Sometimes you need to know what’s going on in the other device. Sometimes even without the owner’s knowledge about it. There are many different options in the market of spyware that will enable you to do this.

But are they really free, and how to use the free tracking app? Yes, several of them have free trials or even free versions, which works. Let’s become familiar with them.

Tracking for Free 

Can you track your kids’ location for free? You might find on the different spy apps’ websites that free tracking apps are fraud. It is partially true: the spyware market is full of fraud and suspicious apps. But still, it is an exaggeration: the spyware developers need to earn money, and they have a profit to convince you that only paid apps are trustworthy. Aggressive advertising is typical for the spyware market too.

In this article, you’ll become familiar with four spyware applications you can use for free. Two of them are truly free tracking apps, and two others only provide free trials.

  • pcTattletale provides a 7-day free trial. It provides plans for three devices simultaneously, and their prices depend on the time the data is kept in the personal account.
  • iKeyMonitor is one of the apps that have a free version. It is limited, which is expected, but still can be used for messages and location tracking if you have a restricted budget.
  • Qustodio also is a truly free tracking app. Its main, paid version is designed for monitoring several devices, similar to pcTattletale.
  • SpyLive360 provides only two days of the free trial. It is a general-purpose spying app.

#1. pcTattletale 

No free version

Free trial: 7 days

Pricing: from $99/year to $297/year for 3 devices to monitor

Available for Android phones and Windows computers

This app is quite unusual for spyware: its dashboard is straightforward, and it has, actually, only a few features: screen recording, a keylogger, a GPS tracker, and statistics tools.

It is basically the recording app. It records everything happening in the target device and sends videos to its server in video format. During that, the app remains hidden on the target device. You’ll have access to them by using the app’s dashboard. Unfortunately, this solution is available only for Windows computers and Android devices.

In addition to the screen recording, it has a keylogger that records the keystrokes on the target device. It allows you to see all messages, notes, and other pieces of text typed on the target. 

The app provides statistics of the usage of different applications, both for PC and Android phones. You can see how often each application is used and make conclusions. You will also see the general activity on the device: the app shows statistics of clicks per hour in its PC monitoring version. Based on it, you can evaluate the activity of the computer usage.

You can download videos, statistics, and key logs on your own device anytime.


The installation of the app is simple. Before installation on the Android phone, we recommend reading this article.

After purchasing the plan, sign in at the website and push on the “Add Device” button. You’ll see how many devices you can add. If you choose an Android device, you’ll obtain the download link. You should type it in the target device’s browser. After that, start the download.

Before installation, you should check if the installation from unknown sources is enabled in the Google Play Protect. Start installation, grant the app permissions necessary to monitor and restart the installed app. Then push the “Start Recording” button, and you are ready to obtain the information! Don’t forget to remove the app icon from the phone.

Note that additional steps can be necessary for some phones, such as Samsung: please check the article at the beginning of this section to read more about it.


A free seven-day trial has entirely the same features as the full version. pcTattletale is not a free tracking app: it just provides a free trial to evaluate and explore the application and its features. 

Still, they are very cheap compared with the spying apps in general. Their price depends on how long you need your data to be kept on the app’s server. Note that all plans are suited for three devices, not for one.

  • $99/year if 7 days are enough
  • $147/year if you need one month
  • $297/year if you need one year

Considering that you can download all critical data on your device, seven days will probably be enough for you.

pcTattletale’s pricing options; note that you can add additional devices for an extra price

In case you’re looking for a totally free tracking app, consider the two following applications.

#2. iKeyMonitor 

Free version available


This app provides universal solutions for tracking. It is compatible with Android and iOS phones, and it has another solution, Easemon, for monitoring personal computers, Windows, and Mac OS. Easemon provides no free version, only a free trial. 

iKeyMonitor has an entirely free version, despite it being constrained. It’s available only for Android phones.

The app’s dashboard: a screenshot from the official site

You can access the whole list of features here. You can learn which functions are available on which operating system and whether a function needs rooting or jailbreaking.

Free tracking features 

You’ll find the following features in the free tracking app version:

  • Stealth mode
  • GPS location tracking and geofence function
  • Access to the call records
  • Access to the SMSs
  • Access to the contacts, calendar, notes, and reminders
  • Wi-Fi history tracking

Let’s see closer.

Stealth Mode   

It is fundamental for each spy app. After the installation, you’ll be prompted to choose whether the app should operate in stealth mode or not. iKeyMonitor can run invisibly, no matter it is a free version or not.

In addition, iKeyMonitor is tamper-proof: it is password-protected and cannot be easily uninstalled from the target device.


GPS tracker is included in the free version. You’ll see the precise location of your target on the map, as well as its location history. 

Geo-fencing option is available too. It enables you to mark some places on the map as “dangerous,” and you’ll be notified when the target will be tracked going in those places.


iKeyMonitor gives access to the call records. You’ll see full call logs with contact names, dates, and times, as well as the calls’ durations. You’ll also obtain full access to the list of contacts of your target, with names and phone numbers. Their emails, if recorded, will be visible too.

SMS Records   

You will see the SMSs sent and received from the device via your dashboard. Similar to call logs, here you’ll find the contacts’ names and phone numbers.

Access to Other Apps   

You’ll have access to the calendar, reminders, and notes of your target, which will enable you to watch for the writings made by your target. They’ll be visible along with their timestamps.

  Wi-Fi History   

You’ll see the available and used networks in the free version of the iKeyMonitor. The list of available networks, both open and protected, can be accessed from your dashboard.

 Full-version tracking features 

You can easily access the app’s dashboard from any device.


It records everything typed on the phone, and you can see those keystrokes via your dashboard. Each app has its own keystrokes, and you can access them separately.

Social app monitoring   

Received messages can be tracked only from Android devices

Some features require rooting/jailbreaking

iKeyMonitor grants access to social networks and messengers, enabling you to see conversations, contacts, friends, news feeds, groups. The range of social apps available for tracking is awe-inspiring:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Vkontakte
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • Kik
  • Line
  • Hike
  • QQ
  • Tango
  • Kakao
  • Signal
  • Bumble
  • IMO

For social networks, not only messages but all other social activities are available for tracking. You’ll also see all the target’s friends. Voice messages can be tracked only from Android devices.

Browser History   

Some features are available only for Android and jailbroken iOS devices.

iKeyMonitor will show the list of visited sites and search queries. Also, you’ll be able to track sent and received emails from Gmail and other email services.


Available only for Android and jailbroken iOS devices

Via the app’s dashboard, you can take screenshots and record screen videos, enabling you to see what’s happening on the device directly.

Environment listening   

Available only for Android and jailbroken iOS devices

iKeyMonitor provides direct access to the Android device’s mic and camera. It enables you to use them for your purposes. You can record the phone’s surroundings’ sounds or listen to them in real-time. You can use the device’s primary and frontal camera to take photos or record videos that the app will send to your personal account.

Call recording   

Available only for Android devices

If you’re spying on an Android device, you’ll have access to call records in your call logs. You can listen to them and download them on your device to save them. This function also enables you to listen to the calls when your target performs the call in real-time.

  Direct access to the device   

Some features are available only for Android and jailbroken iOS devices.

You can set daily limits for applications and block their usage, if necessary. In addition, you can block access to the device completely for some time or during certain hours. You’ll see the list of installed applications and will be able to check their updates.

In addition to that, the app will give you access to the clipboard and see everything copied on the target device.

All media files on the target device will be visible and accessible from your dashboard.


Read this article for Android installation. 

First, you need to sign up using your email. Then, click on the “Download Free” button on the website, log in, choose your device’s operating system, and your download will start. You should download it on your target device, but for the Android device, you need to turn off the Google Play Protect and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. How to do this, you’ll find in the article specified.

After that, you can install your .apk file; it will install quickly. Then, you should set it up, choose whether it should be visible on the target device or not, and set up the password to prevent unauthorized removal of the app. The iKeyMonitor installation is complete!


iKeyMonitor provides several plans based on the number of features and the number of devices available for tracking. Its free version is limited, and the unlimited full version costs $16.66/month.

The business version works only for a large number of devices (20 and more), and you’d use it for employee monitoring if you have an enterprise. It costs $9.9/month/device.

#3. Qustodio 

Free version available

Free trial: 3 days

$54.95/year for 5 devices


This app is fully universal, and it’s a second free tracking app from our list. You can use it on various platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS. 

Its main version is significantly cheaper compared with other spying apps, even from this list. The app is designed for parental control: thus, it grants full access to the target device and allows it to monitor all its applications. Its features are limited compared with other apps, but it is enough if you need to watch your child.

It has a limited free version, which you can use for only one device. It hasn’t such a wide range of monitoring features as the full version, but you can still use it for monitoring. They don’t specify which components are exactly not available in a free version.


Because Qustodio is designed for parental control, its features are aimed at the remote control under the device.

The app’s dashboard, showing the daily usage of the application. It is taken from the official site.


The app sends all reports about the applications’ activity to your dashboard. It also sends alerts about possibly inappropriate content, enabling you to block it. You’ll be obtaining detailed reports about the target phone’s activity each day.

The app will show you how often each app was used on your target phone when your target used it, and how long. You’ll also see the browser history, search queries, and other text information connected with the used app.


To prevent irrational and excessive application usage, you can set limits on them. It can be daily limits or blocks for specific hours: for example, your target will not play games during the studying hours. You can also block applications, for example, if you’ll consider some of them violent or inappropriate.

Call and Message Tracking   

You’ll be able to see your target’s call and message logs, with all relevant information. You can block inappropriate or suspicious contacts.

Location Tracking   

Qustodio has a GPS tracker which enables you to see the exact location of your target. You can mark safe areas, such as the school and the home, and receive notifications when your target arrives at them.


  • To install Qustodio on the computer (either Mac or Windows), read this article. Download the application and follow all the instructions. 
  • To install it on the Android device, read here. You can find the application in the Google Play Store and install it; after that, you’ll need only to set it up.
  • To install it on the iOS device, see the instructions here. Again, find the app in App Store, install it, and follow the instructions to set it up.


Qustodio offers different prices based on the number of devices you want to monitor. Those are very affordable:

  • $54.95/year for five devices
  • $96.95/year for ten devices
  • $137.95/year for 15 devices

In addition to those prices, Qustodio has a free tracking app version with one device to monitor.

# 4. SpyLive360 

No free version available

2-day free trial

$89/6 months

Available for Android only

It is a spying app for general purposes, and it is not a free spying app too. Still, it provides a 2-days free trial, with all features available.


Social Networks   

SpyLive360 is mainly designed for social app monitoring. It has access to the popular messengers: WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, and others. You can contact support right from the website to know more about those features.

By using a keylogger, the app reveals what was typed on the target device, enabling you to read different writings, from messages to notes.

 Call and SMS Records   

The app grants you access to call and message logs. You’ll see the list of sent and received calls and messages, along with the phone numbers and contact names.

 GPS Tracker   

It is part of the SpyLive360, and you’ll be able to track your target’s location from your dashboard.

 Camera Access   

The app provides access to the device’s camera and mic. You’ll be able to listen to the environment via your dashboard and take photos from the camera. You can also record videos and audio by using a camera and mic.

Phone Access   

SpyLive360 shows you the list of applications installed on the device. You can access the list of contacts. All media from the gallery will be open for you as well. You’ll also see the browser and search history and will be able to monitor Wi-Fi networks. 


It is rapid: you should just download the .apk file from the official site. You don’t even need to register and buy the program: you can do this after.

You need to download the .apk file on your Android target device and start the installation. Remember that you should enable the installation from unknown sources. After the installation, it will be running in the hidden mode. Remove the .apk file to leave no trace.

Your free 2-day trial will start after that. In order to use the program further, you need to purchase it.


It has no free version, but it provides a free trial for two days. Different plans are available:

  • $89 per 6 months
  • $59 per 3 months
  • $39 per month
  • $29 is an initial one-time fee for a premium plan and then $19.00 for renewing

SpyLive360 pricing section

As you can conclude, it is quite an expensive app, especially compared with iKeyMonitor, which has similar features. Its advantage is the responsive support center.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Which one is the best? 

A: It depends on your purpose. For example, iKeyMonitor is the best if you need to spy on someone, and Qustodio is well-suited for parental control.

 Q: Are those apps really free? 

A: Two of the apps, iKeyMonitor, and Qustodio, have entirely free versions.

 Q: Why are there claims that I shouldn’t believe in free spyware? 

A: Probably, developers of the proprietary spyware want to ensure that you’ll pay for their products.

 Q: Are there other free tracking apps? 

A: Yes, there are several of them which you can trust. If you know trustworthy free spying apps, write about them in the comments!

 Q: Does a free tracking app require signing up? 

A: Yes, you need to register in any case to use the app’s functions.

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