Reveal Who Your Husband is Texting Using SMS Tracker

By Alexander Mereïn-Velkor

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How To Find Out Who Your Husband Is Texting

Sometimes, marriages come across tough and complicated times. According to statistics, the percent of men who cheat is 10-25% depending on the age group. You can see it on the diagram.

2010-2017 Statistics by FamilyStudies

If you suspect that your spouse texts other women, or even cheats with them, your worries are easily understandable. It can be that you are wrong and just don’t have enough trust for your spouse. Lack of confidence is alarming in all cases and can signal that you desperately need to divorce. But what if this cannot be done? Welcome to the spying deeds!

The signs that your husband may be involved in sexting or similar activities are the next:
  • He texts very often and pays no attention to you, or a very small amount of it.
  • You may mention that he hides or deletes some information from his phone, or is very against you using his phone
  • He became impatient and intolerant with you, or just more nervous than usual
  • He has the calls in private and you can see that his mood changes suddenly after them

It can be dramatic from the other side: maybe you know that your husband is not cheating, but you are worried that he is involved in suspicious or even illegal activities. People involved in such deeds are typically silent about them. To know something about it and help, you should have access to his phone: chances are that most of the information is in SMS conversations. How to track the SMS of your husband?

Today, finding the conversational partner of the person you live with is quite easy. You will need the specific SMS tracker app. In this article, you will learn what it is, how to install it, which options are available and why you should consider using them. Tools, used for tracking SMS, are quite easy and usually free, compared with general spying apps allowing to track not only SMS, but social networks, geolocation, and even camera and mic.

How To See Your Husband’s Text Messages

Easiest way to check your husband’s text messages is SMS tracking apps. SMS trackers are extremely useful in cases when a sincere conversation is impossible, but the marriage should be preserved. You should only get his phone for several minutes to install the app, and you are here. By using the app’s admin panel, you are able to see messages sent from and received by your target phone. 

Possibly, you will see that your worries are exaggerated and there are no reasons for them. Possibly, you will see the text conversation between your husband and somebody. By seeing the contacts of his conversation fellows, you can decide what to do with them. Maybe you will be able to find their pages on social networks. Maybe even communicate with them directly and explain that they are wrong and should not break your marriage.

Screenshot of the admin panel of the Snoopza app: an example of using SMS tracking

In any case, SMS tracking apps are mostly free, and the examples provided here are free as well. You won’t lose anything if you try to use them. It is better to be confident in your husband if you must stay with him and nothing else doesn’t work. He can be grateful for this, instead of being angry, if you’ll explain that you were worried for him.

It is quite obvious, but worth reminding: everything described there will work only if your husband’s phone has a stable Internet connection.

The Best SMS Tracker Tools to Track Your Husband’s SMS 

Generally, an SMS tracker can be found in most spying apps. There are plenty of them: some provide a full set of the spying tools for a subscription, some allow you to choose different options. For the case with your husband, when you need only SMS tracker, it is better to find apps providing a separate tracker tool. Some of them provide a free tracker, despite being paid in general. In this article, you will show three examples of free trackers. Unfortunately, as we mentioned, they all are available only for Android phones.

#1. Easy Logger

Available: Android 4.0 and higher

Free version: Yes

Paid full version: $4.50/month

This exciting app provides a free version that allows you to see who your husband is texting and calling while remaining hidden and being very easy to install and user-friendly. Despite those advantages, the free version of the app is not very functional in general; still, it is enough if you want to check your husband’s text messages for free.

You won’t be able to read your husband’s text messages in real-time: instead, you’re going to obtain daily reports of the calls and messages on the target phone. Additional features such as GPS location tracking are not included too. They are available in paid version for $4.50 per month per tracking phone. It is extremely cheap for phone traking apps, by the way.

The app is very easy to install, has an extensive F.A.Q. and a good support team. It is hidden on a target phone, so your husband won’t suspect anything if you’ll install it on his phone.

There are many customer reviews of Easy Logger on different websites and most of them are very positive and the rate on TrustPilot is quite high. This app is definitely worth your attention in such a hard situation, when you need to see your husband’s text messages without him knowing.

#2. Snoopza SMS tracker

Available: Android 4.0 and higher

Free version: Yes

Paid full version: $99.95/year

Snoopza is a spying app for general purpose and its full version costs $99.95 per year. If you need only a see who your husband is texting, though, you should consider a free version. It is still quite functional and, in addition to SMS tracking, enables to track calls and even geolocation, according to the app’s website.

The installation of Snoopza is quite sophisticated but is described on the website very carefully and in detail. If you are going to choose Snoopza for your SMS tracking, you are supposed to read this instruction carefully and watch the video provided at the top of it.

Here you may see the detailed review of Snoopza, where you can check by yourself that it will be a great option: easy-to-install and handy.

#3. SpyHuman SMS Tracker

Available: Android 3.0 and higher

Free version: Yes

Paid full version: $14.99/month

It is another good option to read your husband’s text messages for free. SpyHuman is a tracking app for general spying activity and the full version costs $14.99 per month. In the case when you need only see your husband’s text messages, you don’t need to purchase the full application. You should register on the app’s website for free, download the tracker app on the target phone and start to use it to collect the information.

Other Ways To Find Out Who Your Husband Is Texting

You can’t use an SMS tracker or it is morally unacceptable for you? In that case, you can use more obvious ways to solve the problem: try to speak frankly with your spouse, visit a psychologist, check his SMS on the phone directly, or try to use services for reverse number search.

Sincere Serious Speaking: Tet-a-Tet or with a Psychologist

If you think that using SMS trackers is unjust, you can try to speak seriously with your spouse. It is, possibly, the most obvious idea. Just pick up the right moment and initiate a conversation. In some cases, it will be enough. When people feel warmth and openness, they tend to open too. If your husband will open up to you and you will have a sincere conversation, the problem will be solved in most cases.

You can also call a psychologist. He or she may help you to solve problems between you and your spouse. Family therapy is usual today and several sessions of it can help both you and your husband. 

Statistics of the people’s attitude toward mental health therapy in U.S.

It is better to use spying tools only if no psychologist can help you and no frank conversation is possible at this moment.

SMS Checking

For checking his SMS, you can just take his phone when he is sleeping, and inspect it. The phone will be locked, but if you are living together, it will not be hard to peek at him and to see the key or password for unlocking.

SMS checking should be regular, to know something more, but you can learn if he is texting with other women or suspicious people, at the first sight. After that, you will be more confident and it will be easy to understand what to do next.

Reverse Number Search

Sometimes, it is possible to identify the personality just by number. An example is Kiwi Reverse Phone Number Search, where you can find some information based on a phone number. It does not always work, and this option is the most unreliable.

A typical interface of reverse number lookup service.

But anyway, how can you use it? In the beginning, you can run a search for your husband’s phone number. Possibly, you will find a lot of new information about him. If you know the phone numbers of his conversation partners, you can use them. Possibly, you will see some information about those partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no husband but I find those tools interesting! How can I use them?

There are plenty of possible usages of SMS tracking tools. You can use them just to better organize your conversations. Those tools are useful if you need to monitor your employees at work or your kids at school if you don’t want them to spend their time in waste or even dangerous conversations.

How much information can I reveal by using the phone number reverse search?

It depends. For some numbers, you’ll find nothing at all. For some, you can find a name, age, and even an approximate address. In general, a reverse number search is an inconvenient option and you shouldn’t depend on it.

Is it illegal to spy over my husband?

In most cases, frankly, yes, according to attorneys and law experts. It depends on what specifically you will do and how much you’ll invade the privacy of your husband. We recommend not to invade his private space a lot and use tracking tools only when it’s extremely necessary.

How do those applications work?

They use a keylogger tool to record everything that was typed on the device’s keyboard, and tools to retrieve data from the SMS application. Then, a spying app sends data to the cloud of the spying app and shows them in your admin panel.

Can i see my husband’s text messages on T-mobile?

Yes, shure. While using SMS tracking apps you are able to read your husband’s text messages on any Android device connected to any provider.

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