How To track and monitor facebook messages

By Alexander Mereïn-Velkor

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How To track and Monitor Facebook Messages with Best Facebook Tracking Apps

Social networks became crucial in our lives. Almost everybody uses social apps and messengers, for conversations, content exchange, blogging. Articles with titles such as “Social Media Addiction” become more and more popular. People’s usage of social networks sometimes becomes an obsession and there should be ways to regulate it.

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world: it has roughly 3 billion active users in 2021, almost one-half of the total world’s population. Most people, when conversing, are using Facebook Messenger. But what should you do if you are facing social network abuse, for example, with your employees or with your kids? The possible way to stop it is to take control.

Facebook’s rise in the last decade. The number of active users gradually reaches 3 billion and, probably, will continue to rise.

Facebook tracking apps can be used to track Facebook content on the target phone and, if necessary, block social networks or even the whole device. They also are useful if you want to spy on your spouse or friend for some reason. It is definitely more purposeful than trying to access their phones or accounts directly.

What are Facebook Tracking Apps

Tracking apps usually provide a lot of different spying tools at once. A Facebook tracking device is one of the most basic tools of each spyware, due to the vast popularity of Facebook and high demand for such a tool. Some apps provide a separate Facebook tracker and those will be described as the best in this case. If you need to find help in tracking someone’s Facebook messages, this article will be useful for you.

When talking about spyware, rooting and jailbreaking are usually mentioned. Those are methods to obtain full access to the device’s operating systems: rooting in the case of Android and jailbreaking in the case of iOS. Full access to the operating system may be required for some spyware’s functions, including Facebook tracking.

Note that for any tracking activity on an iOS device, you must know the iCloud credentials of the target. For Facebook tracking, a jailbreak is required.

Who Needs Facebook Tracking Apps

Facebook tracking apps are used for many different purposes. If you are reading this article, possibly you know your purposes already. But in general, there are two categories of people who need Facebook tracking apps more than others.

Parents need to track the messages of their kids. Today, there are a lot of dangers in social networks, from cyberbullying to suspicious connections which can lead to serious problems. Drug addiction and criminal activity are some of the worst examples of them. Such problems can possibly be prevented by using Facebook tracking apps and spyware in general.

Businesses and corporations need to track the messages on their working phones. Businesses must ensure that their employees will work, not texting. Tracking apps can help to know who is a reliable worker and who is only a time-waster and to respond accordingly. In addition, a tracker can help to prevent information leakage to competitors.

Other people can use tracking apps to spy on each other if they have a lack of trust. For example, if a woman thinks that her boyfriend cheats on her, she may try to use a Facebook tracker to check his messages.

The Best Apps to Track Facebook Messages

1. uMobix – Best Facebook Tracking App For iPhone and Android

Free version: No.

Price: $179.88/year for Android; $149.99 for iOS

Compatible: Android 4.0 and higher; all iOS devices

uMobix is a tracking app for general purposes. It can be used for camera tracking, messages, reading, and other spying things with its intuitive and convenient interface. The interface of uMobix is very easy, clear, and convenient.

uMobix facebook tracking app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. To install it, check firstly the instruction either for the Android or iOS device. The installation requires physical access to a target phone, but it’s easy and you need no more than 5 minutes of your time to end up with it.

A big advantage is that Facebook tracking using uMobix is possible even without rooting and jailbreaking, especially compared to most other iOS trackers which need a jailbroken iPhone to work.

Facebook tracking is possible without a root or jailbreakLimited support of iOS: fewer features are available
A demo version is available for tryQuite expensive
High functionality and performanceNo free trial/free version
Intuitive interface
Responsive support
A blog full of information is available on the app’s website

2. Mobile Tracker Free – Best Free Facebook Tracking App

Free version: Available

Price: €6/month; €15/month for unlimited monitoring devices

Compatible: Android devices

This simple use Android tracking app provides a free and working version of the Facebook tracker with messages tracking and hiding on the target phone. The main problem is that this exciting app isn’t available for iOS devives at all.

The only fully free Facebook tracker among apps that are mentioned here.Requires rooting for Facebook tracking.
Paid versions are, anyway, extremely cheap compared with other apps.Unavailable for iOS devices.
A clear and concise database full of useful information; clear installation guide.No live support; only via email.
Quite a multifunctional tool: it can be used for SMS tracking, photo/video access, GPS tracking, and even call recording. Everything can be done for free!

3. Snoopza – App to Track Facebook Messages

Free version: Available

Price: $99.95/year

Compatible: Android 4.0+

Snoopza is a spy app designed mostly for text messages monitoring. It is a simple app, compared to, for example, XNspy. Its free trial provides SMS and geolocation tracking and a couple of other useful features. For a Facebook tracker, though, you should buy a full version: still, it is cheaper than most other options.

Very quick installation with clear instructions.No live support is available.
Very affordable prices and a free version.No iOS version available.
Ease of use.A device must be rooted.
A free version, despite not enabling direct Facebook tracking, enables tracking of internet browser history and provides a keylogger to log messages.

4. iKeyMonitor – Best App to Track Your Employees

Free version: Available

Price: $16.99/month

Compatible:Android 2.3 and higher; iOS 7 and higher

This Facebook tracking app provides tracking solutions and is aimed mostly at businesses. Its best subscription plan is designed for more than 20 devices and costs $9.99 per month per device. It can be a good option if you need a Facebook tracker for your growing business.

It provides descriptions for both Android and iOS versions on its website. Installation guides are undetailed as if they think that customers can do everything by themselves.

Does not require rooting when installing on Android.The Facebook tracker works only on jailbroken iOS devices.
The free version includes SMS tracking, call history tracking, and GPS tracking facilities. It is quite functional in any way.Fully suitable only for businesses.
Compatible with different devicesVague installation guides.
No live support on the website.

5. Cocospy

Free version: No

Price: $119/year

Compatible: iOS; Android 4.0 and higher

Cocospy is a tracking app with wide range of features to track Android and iOS devices. In addition to location tracking, it can track SMS, most messengers, and website history. It provides remote installation for iOS devices, despite iOS credentials of the target device are still necessary.

Cocospy provides no free trial and should be purchased at once. It has a demo version enabling you to try the app before purchasing.

Very quick installation.For iOS devices, a jailbreak is necessary to track Facebook.
Ease of use.No free trial or free version.
Multifunctionality and cross-platform.No live support.
No rooting is necessary for Android devices.
A demo version is available.

6. Hoverwatch

Free version: Free keylogger available

Price: $99.95/year

Compatible: Android 4.0 or higher; Windows and Mac OS

This app is quite simple and well-suited for text message tracking; it provides a free keylogger. It can be used for PC, which makes it very useful for parental control at home and work control. It is unavailable for iOS, however.

Affordable prices and a free keyloggerNo iOS version is available
Support for PCsNo live support; only via email requests
Rooting is not required for Facebook trackingClaiming to have a free version, despite they provide only free keylogger
Clear installation instructions and F.A.Q.


Facebook tracker is a useful tool available with other tools for spying on messengers. Some of the spyware is designed mostly for messengers’ tracking. Such a tracker is useful for parental and work control: it enables the regulation of social network usage in school and at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other ways to track Facebook Messenger?

Tracking apps using is the best one. Quite obviously, you can log into the account of your target if you will be able to do this. For example, by taking his or her phone for several minutes and checking its account settings.

You can use a keylogger tool we’ve mentioned: for example, Snoopza and Hoverwatch provide free keyloggers. A keylogger will record everything that was written on the device’s keyboard and you will need to deal with it: it will probably be a total mess, though.

Is it legal to track someone Facebook messages?

Only in case you own the device you’re spying on. If it is your kid’s phone, purchased by you, you can install a Facebook tracker app on it. If there are your work phones, you can pre-install tracking apps to track your employees. But if you want to spy on your friend, family member other than a kid, or partner, it can be recognized as an invasion of privacy. It is illegal.

Can I track Facebook for free?

There is an option for that: consider Mobile Tracker free, mentioned as the second number in our best Facebook tracking apps list. Unfortunately, it is available only for Android.

Do I need rooting or jailbreaking to track Facebook Messenger?

In most cases, yes. Some apps provide the ability to track Facebook without a root on Android, but a jailbreak is usually necessary for tracking Facebook on iPhone.

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