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By Jessica Bolan

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The Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps to Choose from

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps, giving phone users an extra layer of privacy when chatting. However, it can be used by people for unwanted communications, such as children talking with someone inappropriate, spouses using it to cheat, or employees using it during company hours. One way to prevent this is through WhatsApp tracker apps.

What Are the Main Principles of WhatsApp Tracker Apps Usage?

A WhatsApp message tracker app informs you of a person’s activity on WhatsApp. Usually, these apps can give you a target’s WhatsApp conversation archives, save deleted conversations, let you view call logs, and allow you to see other activities without them knowing.

Often, a WhatsApp tracker is part of a more extensive phone tracker that lets you check out other aspects as well, such as SMS, social media, location, etc. However, some apps only are designed for WhatsApp. You can even find a free WhatsApp tracker if you look hard enough.

The Key Motives to Use WhatsApp Message Tracker

Usually, people use tracking tools for the following reasons:

  • To keep your children safe by ensuring that they aren’t talking to the wrong people.
  • Check out if an employee is wasting company time on their business phone.
  • Catch a cheater in the act.

What You Should Know About WhatsApp Tracking Apps 

Usually, the WhatsApp tracker is installed on the target phone, either manually or remotely, to view activity later remotely. In many cases, the app will alert the person monitoring the target of new activity. Some apps may work differently, though.

10 Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps with Robust Features

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the top WhatsApp tracker app tools. Each offers a unique experience, and you can decide which one has the right features for you. We’ll highlight the basic features, pros, and cons of using each software. So, without further ado, let’s present our favorite tracker apps.

uMobix WhatsApp Tracker App as the Worthy Way of Parental Control

First to consider is uMobix, a tracker aimed at parents who wish to track their kids. This WhatsApp tracker for iOS and Android allows you to monitor your child’s activities relatively easily.

What we love about the uMobix spy app is its advanced WhatsApp tracking. You will receive real-time notifications whenever there are new activities. In addition, this app is excellent at backing up deleted messages, so view them any time you want.

What we also love about uMobix is just how smooth its interface is. Even if you aren’t a tech wizard, setting up and getting going is simple, especially if you have the target’s iCloud. Spy remotely, so you don’t need to put your hands on the phone.

uMobix is available with a limited free trial. While it’s not a WhatsApp tracker free of charge entirely, this still lets you get a taste of the service.

Simple dashboard and website interface usageIncreased battery consumption – uMobix can affect battery life while it is used
More than 40 advanced features for accurate trackingFree trial lasts for 1 day
Spying through iCloud for iOS (no installation required)
Real-time notifications for all WhatsApp activity
Full iOS and Android compatibility

mSpy WhatsApp Tracker – Your Robust Monitoring Solution

When looking for a Whatsapp tracker app, mSpy comes close to uMobix. Both are similar, requiring you to install the app on the target device. In addition, both let you see notifications in real-time. Keep track of your target’s location with mSpy, view all their interactions, and block out certain apps.

mSpy has some features that are a bit more advanced compared to uMobix, such as keyword tracking. If your target enters a specific keyword, you’ll be alerted. It can be a convenient way to pay attention only to the messages that need your attention the most.

That said, mSpy is more expensive, and you can only register one device per plan. However, it is still worth trying out.

Understandable Control panelEach plan is a little expensive
Reliable customer supportOnly one device per plan
No jailbreak while using
Free trial that lasts for 7 days
All-day-round multi languages customer support

Cocospy WhatsApp Location Tracker as a Modern Approach to Get Information

Another WhatsApp tracker app is Cocospy. This app is similar to the previous two, being great tracking software with a GPS tracker.

This app stands out from the rest because of its stellar customer service. Message its customer service 24/7 and get a prompt response, making it ideal if you’re unsure how this software works or have any other burning questions.

The only downside to this app is that it does not have a free trial, meaning that you have to pay the Cocospy price upfront. 

Overall, it’s a solid app if you need a WhatsApp tracker for iPhone or Android. While not the best on this list, it stands out on its own and may end up being for you.

Multiple competitive pricing plansNo free trial
24/7 customer serviceMonitors 1 device only
It stays fully invisible on the target phone
Well-optimized for parents and employers

iKeyMonitor – Well-Optimized Free WhatsApp Tracker App

Next on the list is iKeyMonitor. As a WhatsApp tracker app, it’s yet another that allows you to do a variety of spying, from viewing someone’s location to seeing their WhatsApp chat logs.

iKeyMonitor stands out because it has an extended free trial. Of course, with any free trial, you have to deal with limited features, but we were impressed with how well it worked.

There is a glaring disadvantage to iKeyMonitor service, however. It is a Whatsapp tracker for Android and iPhone, but some features are hidden behind the rooted barrier. For example, if you wish to spy on WhatsApp Voice, you will need a jailbroken iPhone.

A long trial makes this nearly a free WhatsApp trackerFree trial has limitations
Filled with many features for both iOS/AndroidFor the best experience, you must root or jailbreak
Traces GPS locationNo specific warnings provided: lack of caller ID alert
Takes frequent screenshots from most of the apps on the target device

You can read more detailed information about it pros and cons in our full iKeyMonitor review.

SpyBubble WhatsApp Number Tracker – The Helpful Tool to Reveal Infidelity

SpyBubble WhatsApp number tracker works similarly to the previous one, with solid features, customer service that’s round the clock, and no rooting required.

It’s a mid-range tracker, going for an affordable price and having most features you may need, including WhatsApp tracking. SpyBubble does have a couple of features only for iOS users. Thanks to spying through iCloud, it is possible to control someone’s Instagram account and read their Facebook messages as if you are the account owner.

This statement is not to say that the Android version falls behind greatly, but you may get more bang for your buck if you have an iPhone. Try it out and see how well it works for you.

Clear interface and user-friendly dashboardSome features are available only for iOS and some – for Android
Flash-like data synchronization
Reasonably priced
Displays exact time the target spends in the app needed
Undetectable usage

Technologically Advanced Spyera WhatsApp Call Tracker

Next, we have Spyera, an app that boasts many tracking features. While it does not offer anything unique, we found it reliable when testing it. Installation is simple, and its dashboard runs smoothly. As for WhatsApp tracking, it worked well, letting us see messages in real-time. Also, it updates automatically, which is a plus.

The only downside? If you have an Apple device, you need to jailbreak it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it. You don’t need to root it if you’re using Android. Overall, Spyera is an excellent, clean app, but one we wish had a bit more.

Automatically updating dashboardIt needs jailbreaking for iOS devices, and the process of installation is difficult
Provides log reportsNo free version
BlackBerry Messenger can be monitoredRather expensive subscription plans

Spyic WhatsApp Chat Tracker for Prominent Monitoring Results

The Spyic app for iPhone and Android is a well-rounded spy app. Of course, it includes the most significant feature, decent WhatsApp tracking without needing to root or jailbreak the device. Keep in mind that you need to know the target’s iCloud credentials if you wish to install it on iOS. 

We gave it a run and enjoyed what it had to offer. Its stealth mode also lets it stay on the phone without anyone noticing. Of course, all apps promise this, but Spyic puts it loud and proud on its chest.

No jailbreak requiredYou must know the target’s iCloud credentials
Plenty of features, and they’re all helpfulLacks unique features
No need to root or jailbreak the device
Customer service is available anytime
Stealth mode

Remote Control with Hoverwatch WhatsApp Tracker for Android

Hoverwatch presents a basic feature set and is considered to be a reliable tracker that gives great monitoring results. This is an excellent solution for iOS and Android devices. The software enables multifunctional usage and can be viewed as a parental control app or a way to keep an eye on employees’ working days. 

The service is rather compatible with all the gadget models. Hoverwatch can be used with the latest Apple and Android operating systems. 

The software users appreciate the website’s key features, and here are some of them to get acquainted with:

  • The precise tracking of Facebook messenger. One can see the activity from the inside and check all the chats, even the hidden and deleted ones.
  • WhatsApp monitoring. You’ll get the possibility to see all the activity from the target person’s account. Catch the most commonly used contacts, read all the conversations, and get access to media files.
  • Cell phone spy. Hoverwatch allows you to get all the data from the needed device. See the exact time of the device usage, check the apps installed on it, and find out the phone info. 

Hence this digital product tends to be popular among users. It’s up to you to try it and make conclusions.

Ambient sound recordingInstallation takes a little bit longer time than in case with some other apps
Features work without rootingSome plans are pricey
Takes frequent screenshots
An “unlock selfie” feature

XNSPY WhatsApp Tracker for iPhone and Android – The Way to Check Info Stealthy

XNSPY is a phone tracker with some mentions in more prominent magazines such as Entrepreneur. And for what it is, it’s a decent app. It has a lower-priced subscription plan, with easy ways to upgrade. XNSPY has advanced WhatsApp location tracker features and is also quite user-friendly. When we tried it, we were impressed with how simple it was to set up and monitor.

The only downside? You need to jailbreak or root your phone for some of the more advanced features. Plus, there are claims that the customer service is a bit slow and will only give you a partial refund. However, we believe it’s worth checking out.

Affordable and secure, which is backed with positive feedback from loyal clientsOffers partial refunds; some complain that they don’t give 10-day refund
Compatible with Android and iOSCustomer service can be finicky
24/7 transparencyIt doesn’t feature time controls
Claims regarding root access or jailbreak
Logging keystrokes

Meet with Spyzie WhatsApp Tracker for iOS and Android – The Easy-to-Use Monitoring Tool

Finally, we have the Spyzie app, another tracker with several unique features that make it worth checking out. For one, you can go into or out of stealth mode, hiding the icon as you see fit for maximum discretion.

Spyzie is for iOS and Android, and it does not need any jailbreaking or rooting. That said, one disadvantage is the fact that their service can be unresponsive, and it does lack a free trial. With many apps on here, it’s nice to give the app a spin before you purchase it, and sadly, you have to pay the full price before you experience it.

Adjustable stealth modePoor customer service
No jailbreaking or rooting requiredNo free trial
Once installed and set up, it is easy to useSetup process can be a little complicated for some
It can be used to track both Android and iOS devices
Records calls and sounds

FlexiSPY – Multipurpose WhatsApp Tracker

FlexiSPY has proven itself to be one of the most proactive monitoring applications on the market. The reason for this is the multi-layer spectrum of various features. 

If you want to use this app as a WhatsApp tracker, be informed that it is perfectly connected to both Android and iOS gadgets. Windows and macOS are also supported. FlexiSPY specifications claim that it is compatible with most phone models.

Apart from monitoring WhatsApp messages and multimedia, the app’s key features are call recording, location tracking, keylogger, remote screenshot capturing, SIM changed notification, geofencing, etc.

Judging by user reviews, these options almost work well, though some users note that customer support is not user-friendly and the installation process is quite complicated. While considering it as a WhatsApp tracker app, you’ll meet no hitches; at least, we haven’t found negative reviews related to this feature.

Unconventional website usabilityJailbreak or rooting on Android or iOS
Handy installation wizardInability to block numbers
Live phone calls listeningThe price is higher than that of most spy apps
Undetectable software
Ambient recorder
10-day full refund policy

What Are the Main Criteria Concerning WhatsApp Tracking Apps Choice?

If you want to know how to make an informed decision, assess the credibility of the chosen app based on the criteria below.

User Experience

How did others react to the tracking app? Vigilantly look at several reviews and testimonials, both good and bad, and determine which apps are rated as the best ones.


It is highly recommended to check whether the intended app is compatible with the target device. Note that iOS devices can be tracked without any installation required, while a WhatsApp tracker APK must be downloaded to an Android phone. 

Most apps on our list do not support Android versions running up to 4.x and iOS up to 6.x.

Number of Features

This factor is obvious. How many features do you get besides a standard mobile number tracker? Is there a WhatsApp location tracker? Does the app lack some wanted features? Look into these factors carefully before making a decision.


Finally, how much does the app cost? Is there a free trial? If you have to pay, how much? Do you feel the price is warranted, or do you feel like it should be a little less expensive?

Compare pricing offers and choose the one that best suits your requirements and wallet. The market is competitive, and there should definitely be something to fit your taste. There are many great apps that sadly didn’t make the cut, like Life360, Spyzzz, to name a few. However, they may be worth checking out as well.

How Can WhatsApp Number Tracker Be Installed? Detailed Steps by uMobix Example

  • Set up an account on uMobix.
  • Once you’ve done so, select the plan that works best for you. Then, enter all the relevant payment information.
  • Once the payment has gone through, install the app on your target device. You’ll get a link to download it.
  • Install it manually, or if it’s on the iPhone, start working with it via iCloud.
  • Once installed, use uMobix’s dashboard to view all activity.
  • If you have any questions, contact customer support.


Tracking someone’s WhatsApp is easier than ever, thanks to spy apps. View not only your target’s messages but see all sorts of interactions they are having on their phone. All of these apps can help you track a WhatsApp conversation, but their different features may make you try some of them out and see which one works the best for your needs. We hope this article was helpful for you and that you find the best app for your situation. Good luck!

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